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  1. Update: Santander have replied to me (my GE query must have been forwarded to them) and have basically rejected my claim outright. The issues they bring are as follows; Insurance was added on 26th October 2000 and therefore the FSA's decision is not relevant (fining the group for mis selling) They have advised and shown me my original documentation where i have signed for payment protection. They therefore claim that this was my decision. They also advise that i had 30 days after taking out the protection to cancel the protection - as I did not they see that i wasnt unhappy
  2. Hi, i used the following as the text for my letter ################################################# I purchased Payment Protection and Personal Accident Cover on the above policy from you in November 2004 but now believe that I was mis-sold this policy for the following reasons; This is due to the fact that I was not given the correct information when the policy was sold to me, as ·Your salesperson implied that taking out the policy would assist my credit application. ·Your salesperson was very pushy in selling me the policy so that I felt I could not say no.
  3. Got a letter from HFC on Saturday informing me that they will be paying me the full premium with interest paid. In addition to this they offered the 8% on top of this which I would be due should this have gone to court. Have to say I am extremely surprised at how quickly this has been resolved, but I'm delighted at the outcome. Its taken under a week for it to get to this stage which i thought was unheard of. Thanks again for your advice and guidance. Using the templates from the site has, I think, benefitted me greatly. Once i get the money i'll be making a donation.
  4. Thanks again for your quick reply. I will do just that Thanks Saferidges
  5. Hi again. Well having done a lot of reading around my Beneficial Finance Issue I have been looking at all the statements in my 'little box of statements', and I have also come accross my River Island Store card statements and found that that has PPI on it as well, I didnt even know about that, so am certain some cretin in River Island just added that on when i took the card in store back in 2005! Would I be best served sending a letter to River Island or GE Money, since it is GE Money that I pay my monthly charges to? Or should I perhaps write seperately to both? I see GE money have be
  6. Afternoon, firstly thanks for this wonderful site. Its given me the confidence to ask some serious questions of the lenders I have dealt with and has made me determined to try and claim back some of the money I feel I was 'conned' out of. A few years ago I was very naive when it came to money and lending. Without really thinking I entered into a loan agreement with Beneficial Finance who really took me for a ride. The interest they charged was absolutely criminal, but on top of that the PPI and a personal accident plan were added which came to £893.88. I have a Personal Loan Agreeme
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