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  1. Yup Andy, yer don't have to tell me, I know it. The fees and ppi mentioned above probably don't account to much/ are minimal given the lenght of time, the amounts involved so probably won't pursue them. I couldnt quit/stop paying the account in 2011, there was too much to lose (property and a rather messy OR predicament (not mine) that my home at the time fell into....I was at risk of the entire deal being scuppered ....so didn't want to rock the boat. It sounds easy but it wasn't..
  2. In edit....I found one page of 1 months statement and it shows 2x paid referral fees and a charge for an unpaid cheque....it's the monthly that corresponds with the letter (2004) so probably why I kept it......2x £25 referral fees, 1 x 'transaction' charge for a bounced cheque unpaid... 2004 statement date.
  3. Going through some documentation...... I've found: Ref to the old account before it was transferred or closed and another opened by Barclays because at the time the account held was not able to provide an O/D of 7k....but on the old account...no statements exist....but I do have an 'confirmation of personal overdraft letter an on there it shows a Monthly Personal Overdraft Protection fee of £1.60 (on a £200 0/D) .. There is no personal ovedraft protection on the new account (i have the original application for it after them telling me i needed to open it re extendin
  4. I did consider transferring it to a CC also held with them, it has a 15k limit on it, I've not used it for 10 years but it's still functional, (annual statements/new cards issues etc`) then bunking on the card and going down the CCA route and see how/where that got me.... Stopping paying in 2011 is one thing, but they'd have pursued it with vigour and at the time I was part way into a real messy situation that had a decision by an OR been scrutinised and then overturned....well it could have been disastrous... Further to that and on theis debacle along ha
  5. I'm all ears (figuratively speaking) unless you mean stop paying...... ... Going through this sar, data since the account opened which was 1993...most of the ABBRV codes I have no idea bout or even able to work it out...BUT I thought O/Ds were subject to annual / status reviews...I put them on notice as early as 2011 that I needed help.....but they just continue to collect....no review mentioned since 2005, hardly responsible lending.
  6. Thanks for the tip....I did...wish I hadn't ha! my gormless self started this thread in 2012....and in 7 years I'm here again...nothing has changed, not even the balance....(give or take a few £) Each time I get here, I'm full of momentum, then get sidetracked, put it to one side and forget about it (until the next payments due) I can't do that any more, don't want to do it anymore so this time I've cleared my desk, got out my best crayons and am attempting to put together a letter ...to whom I dont know....but i'll find someone....
  7. Hey Andy, thanks for that... There was nowhere for me to post it/add..it gave a message asking to flag a member of the team... However, the layout is taking a bit of getting used to ( I rather like it) so the error may be on my part and I can only apologise if thats the case. ( I did look hard mind)
  8. Unable to see where and who I am to 'flag' up the below post as wanting to add to it so I'll add it here and hope a team member can merge it... It's been a while since I added to this, nothing has changed except I have an SAR now, it doesn't say a lot, just oodles of statements etc and a few small minor codes that translate to them saying 'customer may be in trouble' but nothing. To add further and to update.... Status Quo: (I'm sure the overdraft is nearly as old as them) 1: I'm still meeting the overdraft interest payments every month and nothing mor
  9. It is still being treated as an Executive O/D Flex Account. The account no longer exists in it's current format. What am I looking to stick at them? What points? (sorry if that sounds a dumb question) and where should I be aiming it at? Branch level are hopeless, so is the Area branch, CS will just put it in a queue, I'd like to get it seen by someone that can make a decision or at least make something happen to help address it...
  10. I'll work thorugh it, there are over 1500 pages
  11. SAR has arrived took them a while, I first went for their online application for it, didn't arrive, then went for a manual one, but never heard anything, in the end I called in at a branch and waited (almost an hour) for them to come back and give me the correct address to send it to. It was sent, I got an update to say it was ready at the branch, called in at the branch and they couldn't find it, went back a week later, still unable to find it, so went in and played my face 'not leaving until you give it to me' 2hours later they brought it out to me, all neatly packaged in 2 sea
  12. Re-reading the Ops thread, it's an exact replica (procedure/info) and participants (cabot/ruthbridge). My course of action will be my sending the letter back to them (taking a copy of it first) also enlcosing a stat barred letter (template from here) + informing them I've retained a proof of postage which 'should' leave Ruthbridge with a clear way forward on how not to proceed. What I won't be doing is responding to anything else they may want to send but instead simply send it back 'return to sender' Ruthbridge's letter is a little ambiguous (for fca purposes I guess
  13. They must be phishing, I've had a similar letter from Ruthbridge albeit accompanied by an introduction letter to them via Cabot on an alleged debt where the last communication with the original OC was 2003 (no correspondence from anyone else ever until now, with the best will in this would have been stat barred since 2009.
  14. I won't know that just yet, but I will endeavour to find out on the morrow when we catch up. There is a reference to it in the SAR but I think it's just some abbrv gobbledygook, this was the entry Third party import sent in using file type Statute Barred Date Upload, template Statute Barred Date Upload Third party import sent in using file type Statute Barred Flag Upload, template Statute Barred Flag Upload
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