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  1. I only contacted the manufacturer but the machine has developed another fault (or maybe the replacement motor is the problem), so I will now contact the retailer.
  2. My current machine was replaced under a warranty in 2015. The warranty was domestic and general (probably underwriters) but it would have been via Bosch. Once I received the current machine there was no point in renewing the warranty because the machine came with a 2 year manufacturers guarantee. Current machine's motor failed after 3 years when it was no longer under guarantee and I did not have an extended warranty. The motor was recently replaced by Bosch. The machine has developed another fault - maybe the pump and currently does work. I hope this is clearer
  3. Bosch said if the machine is not fit for purpose then it is between the retailer and customer because it comes under the sale of goods act and has nothing to do with them. The warranty was domestic and general
  4. What about repair by retailer?
  5. The manufacturer, Bosch, replaced motor. Machine was replaced under warranty before 1st October 2015.
  6. Hi I had a washing machine replaced under a warranty in 2015 because it could not be repaired. The replacement washing machine had its motor replaced at my expense 4 weeks ago and now it has stopped working altogether. If purchased directly from the retailer the machine would have cost £900, so it is not a cheap washing machine. I would expect it to last longer than 3 years. I have any rights to a repair or replacement machine? If so do I contact the retailer or warranty provider?
  7. Hi I have a water heater which was installed in a new build flat and is about 4years old. I also have a homeserve policy which i continued after the 2 years was up with the developer of the flat. about 2 months ago my water storage heater developed a leak. It took Homeserve 6 visits to finally diagnose the problem. They are now saying it is beyond economical repair which seems to be their line to everything. I am not sure why a water storage heater of 4 years is considered beyond repair. It makes me feel as though i have paid insurance under false pretences. Is there anything I can do?
  8. what do you mean go straight to the courts?
  9. I was told to complain to Wills first and then if they dont resolve the dispute contact the FSA. Where does the FOS come into it? A petiton was lodged by the FSA for the winding up of Wills on 28 April 2010 so I am not sure whether complaining to Wills is still appropriate.
  10. Is anyone pursuing Wills and Co Stockbroker for compensation?
  11. Has anyone been affected by Wills and Co stockbrokers and the fact they have ceased trading. The FSO say due to bad advice they gave to their clients. Does that mean I am entitled to compensation?
  12. Company that did check in cannot do check out on day tenant is moving. I dont feel the tenants have looked after flat they are also in arrears so i want to check flat day their tenancy expires not the next day since i do not want them to hold my keys. Someone suggested that if there are any damages or property has not been cleaned i should just take pictures. Is this the best way to do the check out myself or should i have a third party involved? the company i used to do check in did not take pictures.
  13. In cases where there is a new build and the developer provides incorrect information to the supplier who is at fault? Does the developer have any legal obligation to the resident?
  14. I spoke to consumer direct who said the developer cannot be held responsible. they also said regardless of mix up I used the electricity and must therefore pay.
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