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  1. Hi again and to answer the above question, Gregory Pennington is a debt management company which charges a fee of £25 per month. Debt Management | Debt Help | Debt Advice - Gregory Pennington Debt Management Company
  2. Hi again, Ace catalog - £209.76 Bank of Scotland plc (credit card) £1154.00 Bank of Scotland plc (overdraft account) £550.00 I have canceled my accounts with the Bank of Scotland. Dell financial Services - £500.00 Studio catalogue - £557.45 Roxburghe International ( collection agency) £169.48 Littlewoods Catalogue- £484.00 The balances where alot smaller to start with but after struggling to pay out the minimum every month my interest and charges causes the debts to go through the roof. I have been paying off £100 (25 fees) for just over a year now so i owe less on all off the above accounts,i haven't received a statement from GP to find out the actual amounts.
  3. Hi there, I am currently on a payment plan with Gregory Pennington but i am finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with payment as this is £100 per month. I had to call GP this morning to let them know i was unable to pay this month as i had a massive bill from BT (setup charge) as i have recently moved house. For the next 6 months i have to make payments of £116.67. I am currently unemployed, single and have a 3 year old son and im left with no real money per month, when GP contact me every 6 months for my review and i tell them my outgoings they reduce it to fit with me being able to pay the £100 easy. I have been with GP for over a year now but im finding it increasingly difficult to pay them along with my everyday living expenses. I really want to go to college but cant as i have all this debt to pay off. At this moment in time i want to run away and hide from all my debt. When i started with GP my debt was at £3624.69 with 8 different companies, with the charge GP add every month the total i have to pay is £4849.69. I really cant afford this any more and i have no idea what to do next, when i try and talk to my parents they dont help they will just lecture me about my debts. I havnt incurred any more debt since i started with GP and i am trying to sort out this mess i made myself. Does anyone have any ideas on what i can do? Please HELP!!! Thanks for taking the time to read this
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