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  1. I still have heard nothing at all and have no contact address or e-mail. I have tried through Trading Standards but as company was in Ireland there wasn't anything they could do. Really annoyed that they can get away with this:mad2:
  2. Anybody heard anything at all from Mamalooka. We have no way of contacting them now Looks like they have disappeared with our money !!!!!
  3. Monoply I totally agree with you. The Mamalooka website has now been closed down so we cannot even get updates. Not that they meant anything anyway !!! I have been told to report the company to my local police who will then contact Southern Ireland's police. Realistically I dont think we have any chance of seeing our money again. I, like you have lost £475, which I paid for a Sony HD TV. I bought another one locally, which cost £600 so in total its cost me £1075 !!! I know there must be a lot more people out there in the same position as us with this company so perhaps
  4. Hi calamitykak I spoke to the ECC on Friday and they said that there is little chance we will ever get our money back from this company. They have had lots of complaints about Mamalooka. They have ceased trading and nobody can contact them. We should still put a complaint into www.econsumer.gov and also report to the police initially in the UK even though the company was based in Dublin although we do not have the company's full address in Dublin. I am annoyed with myself that I stupidly paid by BAC's and have now lost my money but I am more annoyed that these people can steal
  5. This is the response I had from ECC, I have asked them do we report it to police in UK or Dublin. I am awaiting a reply. I would urge that everyone caught up in this files a complaint to econsumer.gov Thank you for your enquiry to the UK European Consumer Centre, a case has been created for your reference From the information provided you have a complaint against Mamalooka for non-delivery of goods and then failing to issue a reimbursement. The UK ECC has attempted to resolve complaints against this trader however this has not been successful to a lack of response by the t
  6. Well the 30 days have passed and still no refund !!!! Time to report to the police
  7. Well the 30 days have passed since the announcement on the website on 1st October that we would all get our money back !! Why am I not surprised we haven't heard a thing !!!! Its time to report the matter to the Police as advised by the European Trading Standards Office.
  8. Hi ripped off Totally agree, I dont think we will hear anything by end of Oct. Keep in touch
  9. I have received a reply from the European Trading Standards who are now telling me to report the matter it to the police. The latest e-mail on 1st October from Mamalooka says we should have our refund in next 30 days sent by recorded delivery. Does anyone think this is going to happen? I dont !!!!!
  10. ripped off Hi, You should have received a confirmation e-mail when you placed the order, it is not an invoice but evidence that you have paid the money or a copy of your bank statement showing the payment has been made. I am not sure the ECC can do anything but we have to try something as far as I am concerned Mamalooka have stole my money!!!!! I ordered a TV and they haven't supplied it !
  11. Hi Ripped Off I would encourage you to contact the Eurpoean Consumer Centre www.ukecc.net telephone 08456 04 05 03 They will need copies of your invoice and all e-mail correspondence you have had between you and Mamalooka. We may not get our money back but the owners of the company should not be allowed to trade again under another name in the future. You are in the same position as many of us and I don't hold out much hope from the expected announcement on 1st October. We have had loads of false promises before. I contacted my bank in January and it was not possible to reve
  12. Hi If you go to thread "Non Arrival of Goods" Monoply is in same position as ourselves and has posted the link to the ECC which may be of use.
  13. Thanks for your reply. I have read the latest notice on the website and I think it is signed by the owner of the company as I have seen the name on other forums. I am also owed just under £500. Have you reported your case to European Trading Standards? I know the company have not gone into administration as yet but if they do we will be lucky if we get anything. Please keep in touch
  14. monoply Thank you for your reply. I am in exactly the same position as you and for the same amount of money and I presume you also made the mistake of paying by BAC's? Liam Murphy from Mamalooka is no longer replying to my e-mails and the last one I had was on the 21/08/09 stating all refunds had been paid. I have reported this matter to Trading Standards in UK and Dublin and have also been in touch with Companies House in Dublin who say Mamalooka are not listed with them. Please keep in touch as like you I am not going to let them get away with this.
  15. Hi Wino Thanks for your reply. I also googled it and found other people in similar position but the postings were made months ago. I need to contact people who have still not had a refund. I have seen the link to the refund claim form and used it as soon as it became available. I had an e-mail from Mamalooka two weeks ago saying all oustanding refunds had been paid including mine but I have still not received a penny. They are not responding to my e-mails now. I intend to take action action this company and have already made enquiries with various business organisations
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