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  1. "What is it doing then?" It may not be parking/waiting. It may have temporarily paused at the roadside for a few seconds while the driver attends to such matters as a speck of dust in his eye, a fly or wasp causing distraction, the need to adjust uncomfortable underwear, a piece of paper that has stuck to the windscreen. a suspected nail in a tyre, a noise that might indicate a mechanica problem, etc. Any of the above examples could relate to road safety.
  2. I don't think this covers my point : in this case his car was parked for several days. My argument is that if a vehicle is stationary on a double yellow line for only one or two minutes it cannot be reasonable defined as "waiting".
  3. I appealed by email, saving the cost of a first class stamp. I received a letter this morning stating : "after checking the CCTV footage we have decided to cancel the penalty charge notice". In my appeal I stated that it was my first alleged parking contravention and that the period of time that my car was stationary was very short. Perhaps one day someone will make a legal challenge to an alleged parking contravention based on an authority's unreasonable interpretation of the word "waiting".
  4. "the question is meaningless" I don't agree. "Waiting" must refer to a significant period of time and strongly implies a purpose and anticipation-therefore a reason for "waiting". To have your car at the roadside for one or two seconds cannot meaningfully be described as "waiting" because the period of time that elapses is too short for an anticipated event to occur. For example, to say : "I waited in the queue for 1.5 seconds" doesn't make sense because the concept of "waiting" involves a more significant length of time with both subjective and objective perception of time passing.
  5. Time of contravention : "when it occurred". If my car was at the roadside for one second would this still be a contravention?
  6. I received this for waiting on a double yellow line. It give a time and date of the alleged contravention but does not state the times during which it occurred or times during which it was observed. Can I appeal on this basis? Can I appeal on the grounds that there is no good reason for there to be a camera at the spot rather than a parking attendant? Can I challenge the need for yellow lines in the street?
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