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  1. so it is enforceable then? if i have to pay it i will just put it on a credit card and take the hit, but would i get a CCJ, that's what is confusing me the most?
  2. the letter was originally dated 15th March 2016.
  3. it was transferred to my local county court, and this writ is from a different court. n.b. if it is a CCJ? do i have 28 days to pay it to have it cleared? and also I just checked my credit file, there's no CCJ on it? on the letter under enforcement details, it states, details of the court judgment or order or enforcement power by virute of which the debt is enforceable, if this helps.
  4. i've just checked my details with trust online, there's nothing registered against me?
  5. Hi, i have checked trust online, i have nothing issued again me. the form n24 is a general form of judgment or order, the further down is states 'it is ordered that' 1, the defence shall be struck and pursuant to part 24 of the civil procedure rules, judgment given for the claimant in the sum of £xxxx, 2, the defendant shall pay the claimants costs in the sum of £xxxx, 3, the aforementioned sums shall be paid by 4pm 29th March, 2016.
  6. need a little help. i got a court date, but i missed it (long story) then a letter arrived from the courts on a 'General for of Judgement or Order' Form No. N24, i called the court office, they advised it was not a CCJ, and if i did not pay it would be processed for a CCJ. i left it and waited to get some more correspondence, this happened last week from the solicitor telling me to pay, again i left it again and waited to see if i would get something from the court, instead today i got a letter from from high court enforcement group, a notice of enforcement.
  7. ok, so i am preparing my defence, below is what I have so far, could you review it and tell me if anything needs changing/amending. Particulars of Claim 1.The claimants claim is for monies due from the defendant based upon a personal guarantee dated ...... signed by ......... Wherein the defendant promised to pay the claimant all monies due to the claimant from the company, should the company default in their payment. 2.The company named in the agreement has now defaulted and have not paid the claimant, and now the claimant seeks to invoke its agreement and seeks payment from
  8. yes and it's how I read it, but surely this is not the correct way of drawing up a personal guarantee, especially as they are referring to it this way!
  9. i can scan it, but don't know how to upload it? post? why?
  10. this is all it contains as mentioned in earlier posts. I, the director, agree to guarantee performance of all the company's current and future financial obligations to Trade UK including any subsequent increase/s in credit limit.
  11. thank you very much, it is due 30th Nov. I think, the court documents were dated 2nd Nov.
  12. i have rang them twice, they say they will get back to me, i've emailed them once....nothing. i'm not chasing anymore, they don't have one I know they don't as the trade credit agreement is all i have signed. how do i prepare my defence, what should I put in it, does anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  13. hi, so they replied and say the conform with the CPR31.14 duties, they say they sent the from twice and made phone calls!, but like i said earlier they are sending it to my accounts address (who i no longer deal with) and calling a phone number which does not exist. all they have provided is the trade credit agreement, no personal guarantee (there is'nt one) they also sent the reply to my accountant even though i gave them my home address!! what do i do now?
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