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  1. hi i am getting very confussed can someone send me the link to the cca request and should i send this to experto first
  2. oh and what does LMAO stand for please
  3. can i ask shall i send a cca to global or experto credita [ the company they say they are working for] and if it is experto credita does anyone know the addrees and or department please
  4. thanks.i am only asking because i am useless with computers and i dont even have a printer
  5. Hi thank you fro all your replys.Can i ask can i hand write the letters i send to debt collecters
  6. Hi, thank you for your reply,because i dont have an address for the original debt they have just put a name and ref number [i have never heard of the company i am supposed to owe the money to but of course the original debt could have been sold on by now]would it be better to send the other letting to the debt collection agency as they say they are acting on their behalf .Not sure what the name of it is called but it is the one that says you dont know what debt they are talking about.Many thanks
  7. Hi, not sure were i should ask this question.I have received a letter today from global debt recovery dont know if anyone has had dealings with this company , but they are requesting i send them over £2000 for i debt with just a ref number.I phoned the company today but as i would not confirm who i was i just gave them the ref number they refused to tell me so i put the phone down.Can some one tell me what i need to do know foe them to prove i oue the debt as i did have debts in the past but at the time i wrote a prove it letter to the companys and they just went away without replying.So all i can think of is it must be one of these debts.Any help would be great as i know before you could send a prove it letter just not sure if this is still am option .If it is could someone point me in the direction of the templete that would be great.Many thanks
  8. I know this might sound silly but did you remember to put your mortgage number address etc on the back of the cheque.I only ask because i pay my mortgage by cheque and was told to make sure i put all this information on the back of the cheque because without it the funds just go into a holding account.
  9. Can Someone Tell Me Please If You Have A Suspended Repossession From 2001 Which Was Paid And Now Find That I Am In Arrears Again Can The Mortgage Company Go Straight For A Evication Notice And If So Would I Be Able To Stop It By Paying The Arrears Up In Full Or Would They Demand The Whole Outstanding Mortgage To Be Paid.
  10. Hi can someone help me please.i went to court back in 2001 for arrears on my mortgage it was suspended and i agreed to pay my monthly amount plus money towards the arrears.That was all paid up within the two years.Now i find myself behind again and what i would like to know can my lender go back to court and have me evicted because i have had a suspended repossesion in the past or would this be a new case and if i could show the judge i could make the monthly payments plus some of the arrears what are my chances of having it suspended again.Hope someone can help.
  11. Hi, thank you for your reply.Do you think the DCA are just trying to get more money out of us because they thought we would have sold our house by now.And what are the chances of them going back to court to increase our monthly amount or are they just trying it on.
  12. Hi, back in 2006 i had a county court judgment made against me. I made an offer to pay so much per month the judgement came back with full amount forthwith but the DCA accepted the offer of so much per month if i had a charging order put on my property.So it went back to court and the judge agreed to the charging order but as long as i kept to the monthly payments then no further action would be made.I have kept to the monthly amounts and i have not missed one payment.My question is i have recieved a letter from the Dca saying they want me to fill in a new finacial statement and make an offer to increase my monthly amount.I didnt think they could do this as the monthly amount we pay was agreed with the judge or can they demand we pay more money.
  13. Hi thank you for your replys,the debt was in my name but without any documents it would be hard to prove this was paid all i have is old bank statements they show a closing balance of £0.00 and in the body of the statement it says account transfered.But that is all i have. because i have already said on the AQ that i will pay by instalements i think it is now too late to change With regards to the Cl consent form the only thing that was attached to it was a covering letter saying they would not continue with the ccj if i sign the form. Can someone tell me please if i do sign the form and i cant keep up with the payments can they send on the baliffs etc or do they have to go back to court.
  14. Hi i hope smoeone can help.I received a county court claim from cl finance /howard cohen solicitors.i defended the claim on the grounds it had already been paid but because this was paid by my x and i no longer have contact with it would be hard to prove.So when i recieved the AQ from the court i decided to make an other to pay so much per month,I sent a letter to howard cohen with my monthly offer today i recived a reply from them they say they will accept my offer of instalments as long as i sign a consent form.this is my question they say this if i sign this form it would avoid a ccj the contents of the form is a s follows Before an officer of the court BY CONSENT 1, The parties having agreed the terms of the settlement in the schedule attached hereto,all further proceedings in this action be stayed save for the purpose of carrying into effect the terms in schedule hereto 2,There be no order costs 3,Liberty to apply SCEHDULE The defendant do pay the claiment the sum of £????? by installments of £ oooo per month commencing one month from the date of this order sign claiment//////// sign defendent//////// can someone tell me please what this is and by signing it am i giving them powers to take more etc without having to go back to court. sorry about all the questions but i just want to know that if i sign this i havent signed my house away etc.Many thanks.
  15. Thank you for your reply.This is such a great site and people are so helpful. Many thanks.
  16. Hi. i think i will send capquest a CCA request, can someone please direct me to where i can find the template for this.Also the letter capquest sent only has a telephone number to call,as i dont plan on calling them does anyone have capquests address please.Many thanks.
  17. Thank you for your reply.Yes i did send the letters recorded delivery.Iwill send them the letter you suggest and see what happens.Can you tell me please is capquest part of capital one or is it a seperate company.Many thanks
  18. Hi i asked capital one some time ago for a copy of the credit agreement they didnt reply (i thought they would have a copy as the debt is not that old] i then sent them the second dispute letter. but they still did not reply all they sent was a blank copy of an application form.And i heard no more until i recieved the letter from Capquest this week demanding i contact them to arrange payments.
  19. Hi it is fo just under £2000 and it was taken out in 2007 on the internet.
  20. Hi can someone tell me please who are capquest,Ihave had a letter today regarding a credit card debt with capital one card.Can someone tell me please what i need to do next.
  21. Hi thank you for your reply.I know you are trying to help me and i dont want to sound ungratfull as i am very gratefull for your help.But my defence is that this was paid by my x partner in 2006 but the only statements i have are the copies i got from the bank and all they show is cr account transfer account closed with a balance of £0.00.then in 2008 i rec a assigment notice from the Dca to say they bought the debt.they have been calling it a loan and i did request a cca but the number they where refering to was my odl bank account number.it was only on the county court form in the poc that they refered to it as a bank account.
  22. Hi i never recieved a default notice i did receive a assignment notice [i received two with different dates on.
  23. Hi but if the statement shows the account was closed in 2006 with a £ o.oo balance but they only sold the account to the Dca in 2008 they sold them a closed account with a balance of £o.oo what happened in the two years.And when you say a balance was transfered from the bank to the Dca in 2008 it would have been a balance of £o.oo.
  24. Hi spamalot and thank you for your reply. The bank i am refering to HSBC The account was closed in 2006 but wasnt assigned to a DCA until 2008 the claiment is CL finance The particulars of claim are the claiment claims the sun of £9500 under an overdrawn bank account the account was maintained without sufficient funds to meet the withdrawals made by the defendant.
  25. High sorry to ask again but can someone on this site with a lot more knowledge than me please answer my questions above i would be very grateful
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