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  1. Thank you all so much! I will definately be putting in a complaint. My Husband put the advert on as a sole trader and no longer trades due to no work. Do these people actually sleep at night? I will be writing a letter forthwith and also a copy to OFT as you say, why should they have all the fun! Cheers peeps
  2. Tyvm! I will be putting in a complaint! Nationwide must be the vampires of the debt world - I tried to resolve with them but they took me to court instead (horrible people) Thanks for info + advice on NCO
  3. I appreciate what your saying but easier said than done when the are threatening court action, can they do that if they have been paid every month? Is this under £500 aggresive seeking behaviour normal? I have been sent to court 3 times by nationwide back in 2007 (I have dmp but nationwide wanted blood instead of cash) so Im familiar with how it happens (although most of it has been blocked out now) Can they take us to court?
  4. Hello everyone, My Husband owed Yellow pages about £700 for an advert back in 2007 - due to him being out of work, we were unable to afford to pay it (we also faced repo, but thats a happy story for another day!) Anyhoo, NCO took over the debt and my Husband agreed to pay them £40 a month. He has been doing this to date (bar the odd late payment.) However, the debt is now down to £348! He has been contaced by NCO who have told him that as the debt is under £500, they will now be "aggresively" (their words, not mine) seeking the full amount.......which we dont have! They have now sent my
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