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  1. HI katscash cheque finally came today -same banked and should clear thursday:-) -you had any more luck sorting yours out?
  2. It has finally happened recieved cheque today for amount agreed to-issuing letter to court for wasted cort costs coz they made me wait so long for my money but very happy:-) can someone add won next to my name. Would like to thank everyone for all their help-donation on its way-if someone can tell me how to do it!
  3. Hi dwilco69 B did not send court bundle to myself or court nor did anyone from B attend-to my knowledge they have not sent court bundles to anyone They settled 1 week before hearing-figures didnt match-finally agreed to mine and sain I would have money before hearing date Didnt get money so went to court-adjourned to next available date to give B chance to pay still waiting for money!!!!
  4. Still no money-no one wants to answer my calls!!!
  5. NO luck for me yet no one at b seems to want to answer email or calls-when you asked for wasted costs did you ask for specific amount?
  6. I read actual judgement when I came out of court coz I didnt know it was available til then-at least if gives you idea why judge ruled way he did-b prob wont let it get that far
  7. Barclays will settle bafore hearing but dont rely on judge ruling against bank on failure to provide bundle or not turning up. when I went to court no bundle had been supplied nor did b turn up and had b not settled the judge would have had me argue my case that charges were unlawful. another judge may not take this decision but nobody knows how a judge will rule. I did not have same judge as in Lloyds case. contact b to see if they will settle i am sure they will
  8. can we keep adding interest when agree to full and final settlement-this has been goin on for 11 months-other people seem to be getting money quicker!!!!
  9. how wired was just posting reply to you
  10. Hi jopicket11 get your bundles sorted asap and ring/email whoever dealing with your claim in a couple days to see if they will settle-they prob will-might be a good idea to read about case won by lloyds.Dont rely on winning jus coz barclays dont turn up-and they wont.I was in court 0n 20th B settled on 13th .I went to court coz i hadnt got money as promised before hearin-judge was unaware of settlementinitially and told me I would have had to prove bank charges unlawful-he would not have dismissed it coz b didnt turn up or provide bundle or send solicitor-lucky for me it was settled!!! I was t
  11. I understand what you guys are saying -more people are now claiming since whistleblower and after Martin Lewis on telly again Fri next round will start but I sent for statement 30th Aug 06 so I think B have had plenty of tome to sort this!!!!
  12. ok thanks Dar£n-sorry bout threads only just figured out how to use them!!!!
  13. still no money from B managed to finally get hold of TH yest who said he hoped i would get money soon but could take up to 2 weeks -I was told Iwould get it before court-so went to court today Advised Judge settlement agreed and that B had failed to pay and requested ajournment to allow B time pay-case ajourned to next available date-prob 3-4 months Does that mean if B dont pay in next 2 weeks i have to wait 3 months to do anything about it-was with judge for bout 30mins despite settlement agreement.are we allowed to discuss specifics bout what was said in court via threads or is it to rem
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