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  1. Hi, We have had a similar situation with our ex LL and I agree, it's awful! You won't be sued. They legally have to protect the deposit if the annual rent is less than 25k per year. If they haven't protected it, their counterclaim (when they argue against your claim for a higher amount) will completely fail. The court will have processed this claim and taken it seriously because it's general procedure and any applications have to be heard, regardless of how ridiculous a counterclaim may be. Make sure you ring Shelter or go to your nearest legal centre - you will need to know your
  2. as have been on here a lot over the last year, just thought to tell you our fast track trial was won this morning. the defendent didn't turn up and thus couldn't defend his ludicrous claim for 10k and so the judge dismissed his claim and awarded us the full deposit back plus extensive costs. thanks goodness!
  3. hi again, the defendent has not submitted his trial bundle - the trial is on thursday. any idea what will happen, implications on the case etc?!
  4. fab, thanks. quick question, i've seen another example where you need to start from the beginning rather than start from the end/most recent doc. what do you suggest?
  5. Hi, Have been on here before, but a rough outline of our case is... - deposit wasn't protected as exceeds £25k threshold - LL wants to keep our £3150 deposit and has requested an additional £7k in damages to replace the wood floor, rectify damp problem, repaint walls etc. Essentially refurbish his house - there was no inventory when we moved in - House left in excellent condition, extensive photographic evidence etc. We found adverts that the LL had posted advertising the house for immediate let, which proves he had no intention of using our deposit for anything (copies of thi
  6. Hi, I need some advice on witness statements...we're nearing the end of the court directions before the trial date in a few weeks, and we need to submit a witness statement as to why said the case was unsuitable for Alternative Dispute Resolution. Does anyone have any guidelines or templates? Our argument is that we made multiple efforts to negotiate, initiated a meeting, where the ex LL said his bottom line was we should write him a cheque for 7k and then he would give us back our deposit, the ex LL's overall attitude that he was totally justified in his claims This is a r
  7. ok, thanks -so we can use a transcript of the meeting and then if he disagrees with it, then we can use the recording?
  8. :?Hi, Very lengthy saga involving our landlord trying to do us for 10k in damages and it has now been allocated to fast track.(http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/residential-commercial-lettings/205736-ex-landlord-wants-sue.html) The landlord has increased his lies in his witness statement - we secretly taped a meeting with him at the beginning of the drama, and a lot of what he says counteracts the untruths in his witness statement. Originally taped it just for our own reference, but what he says could be strong evidence for the case. Can we use the recording as evidenc
  9. I'm in the middle of a huge dispute with my landlord too so know how stressful it is!... The court allowing her counterclaim doesn't reflect badly on your case, our LL's counterclaim made our case go to fast track, even though his was all lies - it just shows the court a)have to take every case seriously and b)want to make as much money out of people as they can. Our case is missing an inventory too, and apparently it really improves your chances of getting the money back. Good luck!
  10. The estate agents should have told your son where the deposit was within 14 days - they are legally required to do this or you can claim for 3 x the deposit. Check with your son whether he received this...
  11. Hi, One more thing now. As previously updated, it's been allocated to fast track. We've supplied our disclosure list. The landlord has completely missed the deadline and not supplied anything. Just wondered if anyone knew what this meant? It's a longshot, but guess this doesn't mean we can automatically put in a judgement against him?
  12. Oh, not the same. Worth a shot though, need all the evidence against my w*nker landlord I can get!
  13. Hi, this is probably a long shot but it's sounding really similar to my case - what's the initials of your landlord, and where was your house?? Thanks!
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