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  1. Thanks all of you but i think there is no other option for me except to pay to RLP.. solicitors and court cases will take much more money than what i have to pay to RLP right now.. this is really sad for me as i am not ale to fight for justice but truly speaking i don't have money to spend on the case... I tried to take help of our counseller in the county but no returns. Thanks a lot for your guidence...
  2. he din ask for a permission, he just stand there and he clicked the photo. he said to me he will send the picture to his other stores as well, so that i m not allowed anywhere.
  3. No, nothing of that sort, it says.. althoughour client claims for 137£, on an entirely ''without prejudice'' basis our client would be prepared to accept £110 in ful and final settlement of this civil claim against you, provided you pay within 21days.
  4. i have recived a letter from RPL, they have asked for 137£ but if i pay wihin 21days without and conviction, they will take 110£.... What shall i do know?
  5. Please advise how many days it usually takes for the letter from RLP to come.
  6. Thanks Shanty, I will definatly call the customer care manager to talk this issue, and after that i will put a letter as well. What you suggest?
  7. I kept the items inside the lift but i got the phone call just before entering the lift... there was no female or store manager present at that time in the office, infact at one time he asked me leave the baby in the room alone, n he asked me come along with him to varify my address n date of birth. he was shouting as i was trying to explain him what happened and it was not at all intensional.
  8. Yes, they have made me signed a paper in which it is written that due to unacceptable behavior i am not allowed to enter this store again and if i do so further legal actions will be taken, also they have clicked my picture. at that time it was so embarassing and i was stressed as the baby was with me and i have never came across any of these situation ever in my life so i din knew what to do at that time. I am so tense these days in figuring out the best way to solve it without much of expense.
  9. Thanks JonCris, yes i would like to but not sure how much the expense will be and how many times i have to go court as i have a 4 month old baby to take care. Sory to ask but what is POC
  10. Hi Shanty thanks, i got the all before entering the lift only and i kept the items in teh bag in the lift. I checked my advantage card online for shopping and it says it is blocked. It says only 'this store' , so its only boots store.
  11. This is regarding a unfortunate event took place on 19-06-09 at your Boots store, Ilford, IG1 1DE. I went inside the store and picked up few cosmetics from the ground floor and then went upstairs as i have to buy some baby products as well. I did all my purchasing and paid the amount at 1st floor except few cosmetics as I wanted to change the shade, so I was heading towards the lift to go on the ground floor , I carried all the cosmetics in my hand while going down, but then it was getting too difficult to push the baby buggy with it as I was attending a call on my mobile at the same time so
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