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  1. hi guys i have an update on my situation regarding Equita And council tax i sent all letters to them recorded delivery on the 7th july, i have just recieved replys today. now the council here are saying that they will not take the accounts back from equita and that everything that equita are doing is justifiable?? they have given me a breakdown of all ct owed, they also say that equita are charging me according to the guidelines,, i just dont know what to do now council tax have sent me a financial statment to fill out and send back within 10 days, im losing to them help p
  2. Just to let you all know that all letters have been amended and printed, im just about to go to post office and send them recorded delivery. Just have to sit and wait now:-) Guys thankyou for your help and i will keep you all updated as and when it happens Thanks
  3. ok first things first i think is to print out all the letters you gave me templates for and tweak as neccessery then send them, give the last letter to to baliff guy RUDY lol and take it from there thanks once all is sorted i will be kindly donating to this forum
  4. had to host on image shack sorry the link are http://img93.imageshack.us/i/bailiffaehor7al.jpg http://img515.imageshack.us/i/noticeofseizureform7.jpg
  5. hi guys here are the scanned docs i promised, ive deleted details as neccessary, but left the baliffs details sorry guys but i can only upload as attachments hope this is ok for you thanks
  6. actuall what i would like to do if i am allowed is to scan this form 7 he has filled out... and the letter which came with it? so you guys can then see it and judge for yourself. thanks
  7. Hi Happy thanks for reply, ok that all sounds stright forward so what do i do about my car well its my partners car, can they still remove it from the property??? As im a bit worried he will need it for work Many Thanks
  8. Hi there,m hope someone can advise me on something. basically i had a baliff turn up at my home today at 9:50 from Equita for missed payments of CT which ive been in touch with our ct office to sort out. Anyway before he left he posted a notice of seizure and inventory goods they call it a form 7,. he has filled all the details out and has even listed my car which i should have parked somewhere else so they caught me out there is also a walking possession intergrated with it which i havent signed and wont do, but i just want to know what to do now many thanks
  9. ok is that a good thing for me or will it go against me?? im not sure, i will still like you said Andy request a copy though. thanks Lee
  10. Hi there, yes ive just checked the date on agreement and its after april 07:) thanks Lee
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