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  1. Yes, I've confirmed the NIP, but I don't think I was speeding. The photo shows me in my tiny little car going round a bend - if I was doing 38mph it would be up on two wheels! What about not being able to see the van from 268 metres? And what about that bloke who got off at 236 metres after the CPS decided it would be too much effort to get the experts in to prove the distance. I don't know what model they were using, but surely there must be an increased element of error at a long distance? Cheers
  2. Just received my conditional offer of 3 points and £60 for apparently doing 38mph in a 30mph zone. I asked them for photo and therein I have the first two elements of doubt. First - the distance is 268 metres. How do I go about questioning the accuracy at this distance? They'll have to give me the manufacturer's details and I'll have to write to them I'm assuming. Surely I can't be expected to see the van and sign at that distance in an urban 30mph area? (I've read that you have to be able to see the sign. Any ideas where the legal requirements are?) Second - the laser 'cross' misses the number plate by a few inches. I've read it's supposed to hit the number plate. Anyone know where I can get proper confirmation of that information. Third - the conditional offer letter does not contain a section or an address or instructions about what to do if I want to go to court. It simply says you may go to court, but if you don't want to do that then fill in this form. Are they within their rights to send me such an unhelpful explanation of my rights and procedures? Have I got enough to get off in court do you think?
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