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  1. oh dear that must have been embarrasing - although a bit over the top. Thanks for the advise, ill speak to tenant and see how we go Thanks
  2. hello im a private lanlord with a needy tenant. The oven is working fine apart from the grill - am i obliged to get a new cooker as a result? i have tried to get it fixed but its nor repairable. im reluctant to buy a new one as im planning on putting in a new kitchen next year ( i mentioned this to the tenants when they moved in - a few months ago) please help thanks
  3. Hi im a lanlord. I had new tenant move in about 3 months ago. On moving in i explained how the back paito door was locked etc, this was in working order at this time The tenant has emailed me to inform me the lock does not work. he expects me to pay for it. but as it was in working condition when he moved in, it not his responsibility to get it repaired? Thanks
  4. another question regarding the electrican: he came once the lights went out and fixed the problem. the next day the lights went off again, s he came out again and said there was a problem that he did not detect. the plumber has now confirmed the leak was not present the 2nd time he came to the property. So how can he charge me another call out charge to tell methere was still a problem and once the plumber has fixed the tap, the electrican is going to come out again to fix the lights and charge me again! shoudnt he have picked this up the 1st time? he says he couldnt, i cant prove it beacuse the management agent wouldnt allow me to send someone to give me a quote does that make sense/ the whole thing is a nightmare
  5. thanks, ill ask the plumber the questions you have just asked.
  6. the plumber who originally installed it, but 2 reports have said the same thing, The tap is faulty, not the installation...
  7. sorry!! i ahve not spoken to the electrican to find out, but the sink didnot overflow as then we would have known there was a leak. so im guessing it was more internal (in the sink unit) and went inot the floor boards Management compnny wont give me the tel number for electrican, but i spoke to them and she said he will give me an invoice stating what the problem was and confirming it came from the flat.. ill try and speak to the electrican again
  8. i have just spoken to the plumber and he tells me that glan inside the tap has gone (the tap is only 2 months old), so the quality is poor. he also confirmed that the water has gone through the floor boards hence the electrics going off the in the communual areas The management company are invloved as the residents complained about the lights etc and they are dealing with the electrican and plumber. So they have charged me £52 for the inconvenience it has caused them. i ahve tried arguing it, but the directors have made a decsion that they are going to charge and we cannot claim through buildings insurance as the premium ill go up next year and its not fair on the other residents...i thought that what insurance was for, especially now that we now the leak was due to a fault Does this help?
  9. i dont know where it leaked from, but my sis also has home emergency cover , so she called someone out who confirmed the tap was faulty, he turned the water off. the plumber later came and confirmed the same thing. Thats 2 independant reports! The plumber was the contractor from the management company yes the electrican has confirmed it was due to a leak from my flat im refusing to pay subsequent bills now as i think the management company are taking the mick and keep throwing all the bills my way which i am refusing to pay now. They wont give me the telepphone numbr for the electrican to talk to him but the new tap is being fixed today, so that shoudl be the end of it...abut £500 later!
  10. yes i cant believe it either! 2 plumbers have confirmed its the tap - so i need them to give me a report. tp pass to B&Q. Water must have gone into the electrics, hence the lights went off. electrican came out and fixed it, then the next day it starting triping, so he had to come out again and said there was still water in the electrics.. so far i have been charged for 2 plumbers, electricans and the management comany have charged me for the inconvenince it has caused them - liasing with the contractors. they would not let me deal with it!!! thats why its been stressful, the bills keep increasing, im finally getting a new tap fitted on Wed!
  11. Hiya im new to this forum and was hoping to get some advise. My sis bought a sink from B&Q which came with a tap. A few months later, she had several leaks in her flat and has had issues with the elcetricity in the communual areas. A plumber has confirmed the tap is faulty. As a result of this faulty tap she has been charged over £500 for the electrican, plumber etc etc She has also suffered ill health was seeing a specialist doctor during time, and all the stress has not helped the situation Im in the process of writing to BQ now to claim for all the costs she has incurred and also compensation for the stress etc Any advice from anyone, is it possible they will pay up? thanks
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