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  1. i dont know if anyone out there knows about how to do this but as i sent in the cca's they think i have a 3rd party working on this can anyone knock up a template letter that sounds official so they take notice for me if not advise what i should put in it ,im no good at this but if they think 3rd party is involved they may take notice, if anyone can please can you let me know and then i can send it off asap and hopefully it may help others out there to in the same position thanks again your all great
  2. i think it may be good to send off the 30 day no action thing togive me time to find the best way to solve this .i had another letter today saying they are going to pass the great uni one to ndr to so that would just leave the littlewoods.but if what you said above i may get out of that one being passed on.as it was taken out in 2006.im just not sure what to do.now any advise. they can have what i haven't got anyway.but they are getting more and more demanding in the letters now they cant phone me as i changed my number ,and gone ex directory .so they can only write to methe last few months
  3. im not sure how to do that can you please advise me.so do i take it from the above the littlewoods is unforceable but the other 2 are? thanks
  4. have we got a template letter for this or how do you go about this
  5. hi all ive yet another question for you all.ive opened a letter from capital one i sent them the letter to try and get back my charges ,but they replyed and said they recon the carges are fair bla bla bla but it was due the the charges that took the card over the limit ,so i sent the second letter ,then i got the reply today saying they are not changing their mind and dont bother writing again in so many words ,so any ideas on the next step,can i cca this lot.or is there a better way to handle this. thanks
  6. thank you everyone for the help so far your all stars* but im just hoping there is someone over the weekend who knows what they are on about who can take a look at my cca's and i think i done that red triangle thing so im hopeful admin can take a look but anyone please feel free to email me,ill be so happy for any advise . once again thanks guys
  7. ye maybe that would work god ive had to even change my number due to the amount of calls i was getting but silly me never kept a record of it. they just seem like they dont care they were happy when i was in work paying them even offered me vip a/cmakes you laugh eh with in one week i had my first letter,are well just make you panic with all the things you read
  8. they are already been investigated by trading standards for poor practice and harassment to customers so they told me ,but they said they need more people to complain before they act,so anyone out there report them if you are getting hassle i had 65 calls in a two week period so i reported them for it but they told me if more people complain they will act,ive written letter after letter to them but they ignored all until i sent the cca thing to them and they turned up i was hoping they wouldn't but havinastella reckons some maybe not legal but i have not heard back off him yet!also im trying
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