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  1. Hi


    I got new car insurance a few weeks ago & they requested my driving licence. I have the paper part but not the photocard as I got stopped by police & had to give it in to the station & not hot it back yet.


    My insurance 'one call' are saying they will cancel my insurance.


    What can I do? I can't afford to get a new insurance & I need my car for school runs/work etc ?

    The insurance has myself and partner on it, partner has there photocard & paper part but I just have paper part.



  2. Hi


    I got a fixed penalty notice of £300 in August, had to be paid within 21 days.

    I emailed the North Yorkshire police this


    'I received a fixed penalty fine on Sunday 25th of August for no car insurance of £300.


    My partner has being made redundant and we are struggling with getting the money together for the fine

    as we had to pay £150 to get the car removed and stay in a overnight hotel due to the compound being closed.


    I am writing to ask if the fine can be paid on the last working day of this month (being 30tj of August, which will be 5 days late) '


    the 30th came and


    I went to pay on the automated phone line,

    it asked for a 'notice number' but I couldn't see it.


    I emailed the police again at lunch with no reply.


    After I left work I tried ringing the payment line but wouldn't give me option to speak to someone.


    The next day at work I asked a colleague and they showed me that the notice number

    consisted of adding a few of the numbers together.


    There was no notes on the fine itself to state that.


    I paid the fine that day , making it on day 27 (6 days late).


    On the 4th of October I received an email stating


    'the offer of the fixed penalty has been withdrawn and the matter referred for a court summons,

    because you have failed to comply with both conditions of the fixed penalty.


    We have written to you on 1st October 2013 advising you of this.


    When you receive a summons,

    if you choose to plead guilty by letter to the offences,

    there is a section in the correspondence where you may list any mitigating circumstances.'


    Today I got a cheque of the refund, but have had no letter re court date ?


    Anyone help?

  3. Hi Lorraine,


    Iv explained above why warning was done. They put our assessment on hold till they find out both sides etc. I'm just really mad that she basically told them I'm not fit to care for children , yet my partners boss who also wrote a reference didn't put it on reference as she didn't think it had any bearing on my partners reference or his ability to care for children.

  4. Thanks for the replys.

    The warning was for -

    Myself and partner work for the local authority.After maternity leave my job was redundant so I got slotted into a new job at a residential home for adults with learning disabilities. The residents would come in my office, nudge me, pick my drink up & drool all over it, lay on the floor so I couldn't get out of the office etc. I was completely unprepared for this, had no idea what there disabilities exactly were (no one told me) and an email between myself and my partner was seen discussing these happenings with me been uncomfortable etc and they tried to make it out really bad. Such as one day a resident laid on the floor so I emailed partner telling him and saying what do I do ? As the resident had been know to grab people & chase them. My partner told me to walk over him. They interpreted that that he meant stand ON him!

    Anyway, we both got a written warning. Mine expire last year and his still stands .

    As far as I'm aware the reference given to my manager did not include a question re disciplinary and I'm unsure exactly how much my manager knows about the hearing etc and she wasn't my manager at the time

  5. Hi



    I went through a disciplinary hearing in April 2012 & the outcome was a written warning which would expire November 2012.I have just signed up to be a foster carer and a work reference was needed. My line manager has put on the reference about the disciplinary hearing, is she allowed to do that even though it expired a year ago ?

    I spoke to Acas who said there is nothing in the legislation regarding this ...if that's the case why say that it'll expire on a certain date etc ?

    Anyone know ?


  6. Hi


    So I sent letter to the dealer and got a cheque for the tax, I sent letter to court with emails to dealer/letter I sent plus the tax disc in previous reg.

    I got a letter back saying I need to pay fine / court fees and back dated tax altogether under £300. They said from 1st may I need to pay £10 fortnightly so very pleased with result !!

  7. Hi,


    On the actual advert it said road tax option but when I bought it he said it was taxed for 6 months & had the tax disc on (but in prev reg number) .

    I rang dealer and he said he'd pay 6 month tax and to send him copy of disc but he hasn't replied. I have email copies of the disc but no postal proof

  8. Yeah it was but when you glance at it I just noticed the date & didn't really pay attention to the reg plate, as did the dealer who sold it to me. It wasn't till I recieved fine that I realised.

  9. Hi,



    I have recieved a summons to court for having no car tax.

    Basically I got the car last October and received a fine in December for £90, I thought the car was taxed but it turns out the tax disc was under the private reg so contacted the person who sold it and they said previous owner took the private plate and he didn't realise disc wasnt in correct reg plate. He asked for proof of disc which we sent but he kept saying he'd not received it. Like a moron I forgot all bout it and its still in taxed and didn't pay fine.

    What will happen at court ? It says a maximum find of £1000??

    Do I have to go to court ?

    Is it worse if I don't ?

    On the paperwork it asks to complete financial info and after debts, bills, rent etc i have very little left - will they ask for a lot of money on the day ?

    Help please

    Ps I know I'm an idiot and should of paid the fine :( cant change that now though

    Thanks for reading.

  10. As above - apply for hardship payments for yourself/partner.


    You will receive child benefit and child tax credit for your children, JSA does not include an element for children, only for the adults. You will need to contact tax credit if your job ends to advise them of the change in circumstances and income for the tax year - they will then adjust your award.


    EDIT - you only get child benefit for the child? If you are not receiving child tax credit, apply straight away. Phone 0345 300 3900. They are open till 8pm. They will send you an application pack.


    Our income combined was too high for child tax credit, would it be amended straight away as i thought child tax credit was based on your previous years income ?

  11. If the baby is already fifteen weeks then sorry no I.S. If you do lose your jobs and I sincerly hope you dont, then you will be entitled to higher child tax credits so notify HMRC straight away. I think the only option would be to claim JSA and see how it goes but if the stress of everythng makes you ill claim ESA. There would be no sanctions on ESA but you would have to provide certs for this.


    What is ESA ?

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