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  1. I ask because my driving licence is in my previous address and I can't afford to change it till a months time so I don't want to take insirance out if there going to ask for a copy of licence within 14 days when I can't send mine for correction for 4 weeks then will take around 3 weeks to get back.
  2. Hi, Which car insurance company's don't ask for a copy of your driving licence please ? Thanks
  3. Another updTe. I found my partners counterpart but then couldn't find mine! I emailed them and they agreed to a 6 week extension to send off for a new one
  4. Update for anyone in this situation in the future - one call have got back to me stating they only need the counterpart.
  5. Hi I got new car insurance a few weeks ago & they requested my driving licence. I have the paper part but not the photocard as I got stopped by police & had to give it in to the station & not hot it back yet. My insurance 'one call' are saying they will cancel my insurance. What can I do? I can't afford to get a new insurance & I need my car for school runs/work etc ? The insurance has myself and partner on it, partner has there photocard & paper part but I just have paper part. Thanks
  6. Yeah I'd read that if it was past the timeframe it wouldn't accept the payment
  7. I actually paid via the automated telephone number given with my bank card and was given a reference number
  8. Also another question, the day we got stopped we was on he way to a wedding in Durham . So the court would be in Durham yet we live in hull. Can it be done in hull ? We work full time & have kids . Or does it not make a difference ? Thanks
  9. So it'll be original fine of £300 +my weekly wage +)100 victims ? I thought it just doubled ?
  10. But won't they know that we did pay the fine, albeit a day late due to not knowing what the notice number consisted of, and that the money was returned to us, via cheque a month later ? I'm shocked there taking me to court for a day late! Seems a waste of time ! And just a money making scheme
  11. And any idea when the summons will be ? Are they usually quick?
  12. But don't they usually double the fine ? I don't have a spare £150 to pay
  13. It was an email I have, which I have a copy. If it goes to court will they let me pay by installments ?
  14. Hi I got a fixed penalty notice of £300 in August, had to be paid within 21 days. I emailed the North Yorkshire police this 'I received a fixed penalty fine on Sunday 25th of August for no car insurance of £300. My partner has being made redundant and we are struggling with getting the money together for the fine as we had to pay £150 to get the car removed and stay in a overnight hotel due to the compound being closed. I am writing to ask if the fine can be paid on the last working day of this month (being 30tj of August, which will be 5 days late) ' the 30th
  15. Hi Lorraine, Iv explained above why warning was done. They put our assessment on hold till they find out both sides etc. I'm just really mad that she basically told them I'm not fit to care for children , yet my partners boss who also wrote a reference didn't put it on reference as she didn't think it had any bearing on my partners reference or his ability to care for children.
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