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  1. hi and thanks, yes they do know i am on benefits, when i told them this, they said it does not matter because it isn't means tested and i must either pay in full or over two months!! i will wait for the next letter, thank you.
  2. hi there, thanks for the reply, it was £540, but phillips are now saying £740 as a bailiff has visited???(no proof anywhere of this) they have added £200 to the account. i have never seen or had any documention(apart from a letter sent via royal mail) that a bailiff has visited the flat. i will keep on paying the £20 a month and see what happens, wwhen the fine is paid ie, the £540 i will stop paying, and take it from there. thank you
  3. thank you very much for the advice, its comforting to know this, god knows how these people/companies continue to operate this way, the rules and regs/law with these firms even seems to baffle solicitors!! thank you once again
  4. hi there, i have an unpaid magistrates court fine fo £540, which i rang the magistrates about,in november last year, they said they would send me a means form, in December i recieved a letter from phillips saying they are visiting my flat if i did not pay, i rang the magistrates court up, told them i had never recieved a means form, they siad, i should have rang them and chased it up, because i did not, they called upon phillips, i recieved more letters, io e mailed phillips and told them i am on Benefits and can not afford to pay the £740 as it was now as a bailiff had been to my flat??? no eveidence of this whatsoever!! i said i can only afford to pay £5 a month, they said i can, but this is called a voulantry payment and isnt suitable, i saked what is, they said, The full amount or, split it over two months, iwas told do this or bailiffs would be coming. I then rang them and said i can afford to pay £20 a month, i was told "ok, we will look into that for you." i set up a standing order for £20 on the 28th of each month, this came ut in february and was in there bank on the 2nd of march. I thought this was going to be the way until i payed it, but today i recieved another letter saying i hasd not paid blah blah, i rang them, explained i had set up tyhe S/O for £20 per month, told them i was on benefits, but they still said "you can pay this amount each month but it will not stop them coming unless you pay in full" is this the way?? am i wrong to assume that as i am paying something, the bailiffs cannot come and force there way in and remove my belongings?? thank you for any advice.
  5. hi there, i recieved various letters from phillips ranging from asking me for money owed to the court to saying that a bailiff had been to my property and added £200 onto the account. it is now£740. i e-mailed phillips as i could not afford the premium rate call from my mobile(pay as u go) i am on Benefits and told them i could afford to pay £20 per month on the 28th. When i asked this they said that this is called a "voulantry payment" and did not meet what they were asking, i said what is the minimum i have to pay, and was told "as it is not means tested, you have to pay in full,or, over two months, if you cannot find the money, ask someone, if yf you still cannot get it then we will have to carry on with a bailiff visiting your premesis to remove goods" i live in a rented flat and i am currently not woking,and on benefits, i have set up a standing order with them for £20 per month, but they now tell me its not good enough, i simply do not know what to do, am i wrong to assume that as i am paying them something, they cannot remove goods?? thanks for any help with this!!
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