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  1. Hi folks, no posts from me for a while, because there was no news! I filled my early discharge questionnaire in December, but the OR had specifically said not to follow up on progress because he would not answer as he was too busy. Since Bank of Scotland continued to write to me and call me, I assumed it was them that had refused an early discharge. Then I got a letter last week from the OR, my early discharge went through on March 11th! I got a copy of the court order. Incidentally I also on that day got a letter from Bank of Scotland agents telling they were preparing pa
  2. Hi folks, 5 months into the BR. Despite hearing very little from the OR, I was carrying on, then I got a letter from OR about possible early discharge. I had to fill out another income and expenses form, but no problem there as my situation is unchanged, figures are the same. Fingers crossed, that seems promising. I never did hear if my expenses figures had been allowed or not, but now I am presuming they *are* allowed. Keep getting letters and phone calls from some creditors, which I had just been ignoring, but BOS visited my old address, so I had to contact them to get it s
  3. ok, so BR was 4 months ago now. Not much change since last month to be honest. Still no response from OR since I queried IPA. Still no news about the expenses I put down. I know they must be busy chasing bigger cases, after all the court was turning people away when I went, but I do find that strange. I am also still getting calls from BOS, which I dont answer, and letters from MBNA, still saying they are charging me late payment charges. Is there someone I should be reporting them to for this? Regards, G
  4. Hi Suzie, I went BR July 1st. My experience I have an N reg car, little value, and I can keep it as I use it for work. if you are worried about the bank account and benefits, you may want to get the benefits paid via a post office. After my hearing I was put on the phone by the court staff to the OR office. That's probably what will happen to you. Then they took, (and still are) ages to communicate. After the BR you should be able to ask the OR any questions you have, but remember to try here too! Good luck. Do you have a time for your appointment or just a
  5. Hi Folks, I thought I'd update you, since it has nowbeen 3 months since the BR. I wrote to the OR on 2nd Sep about the IPA they had sent me, I told them my contract was only temporary and flexible hours, so was queryng the IPA. No answer a month later. In fact in the 3 months since BR, I have still yet to have any comment about my expenses claims whatsoever. The contact has been minimal to say the least, and I suspect their office is swamped with work. I will just plod along until I hear further. One downside, my work pays every 4 weeks, meaning 2 paydays in Octobe
  6. Thanks Louise, My disposable income for the 2 months since BR has not been over £99. According to my expenses claim anyway, but that did include £50 a month for leisure. Maybe I should also ask the OR for a breakdown of how they reached the figure? It could be I should just sign it, it can be renogotiated, but I worry that once signed the renegotiation may be hard! Thanks for the continued advice.
  7. still seems a bit strange since I am only on a 12 week contract. And it lasts for 3 years? That means my situation will stay the same even after the BR is discharged? I thought once the discharge happened, you could earn any amount, and the debt was cleared? Cheers.
  8. ta debtinfo - the thing is my income varies every month, so presumably as my expense claim is steady every month, I have to negotiate every month with the OR as to how much I pay?
  9. I have a new question as of today, but first a quick answer about my trading accounts. I sent a letter explaining to the OR that as a sole trader I didnt have accounts, just the yearly letter from taxman after I had sent my tax return, so I sent them those taxman letters. My new question, which hopefully someone can help me with - today I got a letter from OR with an Income Payment Agreement. It's for £50 a month for 3 years. Firstly, I'm a bit surprised as they know I am only on 12 week rolling contract at work, with flexible hours, so my income is variable and unpredictab
  10. Filled in income payment order questionnaire. I shouldnt have probs, as my current job has flexible hours, and is only a 12 week contract. Therefore my income is unpredictable, a big part of why I am in the position in the first place! I was also asked for last 2 years accounts of my self employment. Since I am sole trader, I dont have to publish accounts. All I have to do is fill in my tax return, and then inland revenue send me the calculation. I have sent those for the last 2 years as it's all I have. Weird, since I have signed authority fo the OR to see all my bank accoun
  11. Did you do anything to instigate the early discharge, or was that something that came from the OR? Cheers, G
  12. Is there a guide for what to put as outgoings claims? Are there general guideline figures that work, or is it really an individual thing? I have yet another questionnaire to fill in about them! Still surprised that the OR has not been in touch with creditors, it's now a month since I was BR. Cheers, Gordon
  13. went for interview with OR on Monday. Main reason it was not over phone was because my work history has been varied, including self employment, so they wanted to go over the details. Felt like I was repeating the same stuff yet again! She said she would 'write a report'. All seems a bit slow to me, but today marks 3 weeks into the BR, so that's 3 down already. She said they would write to the creditors so that hadnt been done yet, and I have received a couple of default notices. I also took my statements and cut up cards, only to be told they didnt really need to see them! Fou
  14. managed to get the appointment with OR later in the day so as not to clash with work, which is great. have to take statements, cards, cheque books, etc. She said the meeting had to be finished by 2pm, and since it's a noon appointment, my maths says it's a 2 hour max visit, so shouldn't be too bad. I have nothing to hide anyway so fingers crossed! I also had a result in that my first wage from temp job was given to me by cheque. They couldn't guarantee it wouldnt go into my old frozen one, but now I can pay the cheque into my new co-op basic account. That new account didnt ta
  15. Heard from OR today, 8 days after the BR. Have an appointment with them for the 20th. Pain as it right in the middle of a work shift, so will try to rearrange, but the 20th will be nearly 3 weeks already into the BR.
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