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  1. unfortunatly I payed money on it by mistake, like I said in an earlier post, I was in debt with Capitol One at the time and the letters were the exact same looking so I thought it was Capitol One. but if I must make do I am glad that nightmare has FINALLY ended
  2. People I would like to thank all those who have provided me with help, it seems the situation has been resolved, I recieved a letter through the post this morning saying "Having recieved your comments, we can now advise you that we have closed your account in our files and you will receive no further communicationfrom ourselves in this matter" I was wondering, is there anyway I can be re-embersed for the money i payed to it by mistake?
  3. wow, i tell u what with any luck those letters did the trick... it's been about a week since the DCA tryed to call me through the house Phone lol
  4. lol, they keep on calling the damn house phone!! I answered it and told them to stop calling cos it ****ing not only myself by my mum off also!, they asked if I could answer security questions to which I now answer NO. They say I dont resond to the letters they have sent me!!! They havent sent any letters in a LOOONG time intead they constantly bombard the phone line, most of the time I not even been in the house!
  5. thank you.. Thankyou kindly good people
  6. no probs, if yo do find it could u post it on here so I could at least have a read of ti myself?
  7. Thanks for the info guys, and hunni that leter is very informative and I shall start working on one of them for myself now
  8. yes with the credit report, I did that last year at some point, it did say it was defaulted i will see about getting another one done though to make sure there is nothing else on there
  9. Funnily enough i did not speak to anyone in the fraud Dept now u mention it also the Cap1 Debt has been paid up and is sorted since about a year ago now. I will write a letter to O2 AGAIN stating that I request that they provide relevant information and such regarding this matter. any ideas on what I should write? me being me I am not good at this sort of thing thanks also
  10. Hi I am new to this site so I hope I placed this in the correct section. I have been getting harrassed for some time not by O2 about a contract phone I apparrently had with them, needless to say that they have gotten a DCA involved, I have contacted both companies regarding this and telling them I don't have a clue about this phone, I have writen Letters about it and stating that I feel that my details have been used without my knowing and that I am not willing to pay the ammount they say I owe. The DCA have mentioned that some money had been paid towards this "Debt", but at the
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