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  1. Sorry about that. The company in question is:- AMMO CLOTHING, UNIT 24, THE STOW, HARLOW, ESSEX SM20 3AB Thanks again in advance.
  2. Hi. Firstly, thanks everyone for such a useful site. I find myself in a bit of a predicament and would really appreciate any advice anyone can offer. I'ver probably included a bit too much detail here but didn't want to omit anything. On 24/02/10, I made an online order (I can mention shop name if need be - UK based wiith bricks and mortar also) for a couple of items which were stated as being in stock. I paid £76 by Mastercard Credit Card (although the payment confirmation I received was from "Nochex"). I received an email "Payment Confirmed - We're Now Processing Your
  3. OK (and sorry for continuing to resurrect this thread but...) today I've now received another, more demanding, letter from Wescot. I was going to send Cerberusalert's letter today but do I need to reword it in light of this new letter? A friend currently stood next to me says I should phone them (and tell them "the dream's over. You've got the wrong dude, man.")? Thanks again for any pointers. sprucket
  4. OK, I ignored the first letter but now received another. I did actually get this a few weeks ago but mislaid it so it's now after their "deadline" of 15th July but now I've found it, thought I'd ask for any further advice. Would now be the time to send the letter Cerberusalert suggests as well as contacting local Trading Standards? I'm just a bit wary about letting them have my correct name. Thanks again for any information. sprucket
  5. Thanks very much to you both. I've been stressing over this pretty much all day but now I'm starting to think (it might be the couple of pre-dinner beers!), I should maybe just ignore as maroondevo52 suggests. I don't really want them to get my real name (which they would if I wrote the brilliant letter cerberusalert suggests). I'm actually more angry with them now that they've got me fretting all day about it especially when I read:- and To send or not to send.... Thanks again, sprucket another (hopefully legible) link to the letter:- Imagesha
  6. I didn't even know this great forum existed until searching to try and sort my problem so at least some good has come out of that already. I'd be really grateful for any advice - I usually feel quite nervous about anything to do with money and for that reason, do always try and keep on top of things (or at least let my girlfriend do all the financial stuff :grin:). I'll try not to ramble but do want to include all important information here so apologise in advance for the lengthy post. I received a letter this morning from Wescot Credit Services Ltd in Hull completely out of the blu
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