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  1. Thanks Erika, is it true that P I L O N is now classed as capital (from 2007). Our total capital would be £9000 after tax, but around £1000 of that would be taken straight away to pay off overdraft, as a condition of starting DMP with CCCS.
  2. Hi my hubby has phoned from work as his mate (who is also being made redundant) has been told by one of the bosses that he probably wont be entitled to JSA (cb), as the last wage will include 12 weeks pay. Now from the advice I have been given on here, it seems that only payment in leiu of notice would be taken into account. I have had a look on his revised redundancy letter (the first letter gave a leaving date of 28th July but they needed them to stay on longer) and so the new leaving date is 28th August. It seems that the 12 weeks pay in the final wage is 12 weeks leiu of notice. So
  3. So when you say single person and couple rates for JSA - what does that mean - can he only claim for himself or is there an allowance for partner/kids? All we get is child tax credits and incapacity. I read somewhere there was disabled premium but that could have been income base JSA.
  4. Hi, thanks Erica and Sally for your replies - much appreciated. I am on long term incapacity and low rate DLA, and we get tax credits - so is £64 the total he will get while on contribution based Jsa or is topped up by income support etc
  5. Hi my other half is being made redundant after 19 years and we are to get redundancy payment of just under £6000 as a cheque and a company enhanced package of about £3000 which is taxable and will be in his last wage. We are in the process of starting a DMP as we have many debts and are struggling even before redundancy. We were thinking of paying the £6000 off mortgage which will reduce payments. Then with the £3000 we have to clear two overdrafts (about £900) so that we still have an active bank account which is in credit for the DMP and owe a family debt of about the same. So my q
  6. Hi and thanks for that cerberusalert I has a long web chat with one of the advisors and she said it would be fine to keep the two cahoot current accounts going which have debit cards (we are going to pay the small overdrafts off with redundancy) -will also transfer all of benefits, hubbys future salary payments to those accounts. I see what you mean regarding the review of DMP and being able to adjust outgoings. Obviously if he got another job we could afford to pay a bit more to the DMP, but still have more disposable income. But I had to keep adjusting the living expenses to be able t
  7. We have critical illness cover for original £33,000 which is with our endowment policy. Do you have any advice regarding overdrafts mentioned below:
  8. Also Re. above post - We have payment protection for redundancy fro one of the loans, so does this still need to be included in a DMP? Any advice appreciated
  9. Hi been on all morning with cccs, who can offer a DMP of £177 to be distributed to my creditors with regards to above debts. This would leave us with around £400 for food/clothing/travel etc. This is assuming he goes onto JSA in 5 or 6 weeks time. I put down both barclays bank account overdrafts - but in the debt remedy they sent me, it states that Barclays will continue letting you bank with them but trade in your connect card for electron - do you have to include your overdrafts in these plans? I never mentioned the cahoot current accounts with small overdrafts that we have (one in each
  10. Yes he is only getting statutary redundancy which comes to just under £6000 for 19 years (he is 43), and around £3500 severance pay (think they called it that) which is 1 week for every year of service up to maximum of 12 weeks. (this is taxable and will be in final wage). The redundancy payment has recently changed in April, as before this time the company policy was two weeks for every year. The last redundancies (Voluntary and compulsory) in the company department were in oct/nov (those jobs also went to India) and my hubbies dept were given opportunity to go for 5 remaining jobs with ne
  11. Ok thanks for that I will request CCAs from relevant companies. Just had a quick look at the form and sorry for being thick, but where it says print your name - do you only do that and not sign it aswell/ - so they do not have a copy of your signature! Also one loan was taken out very recently so that will be enforcable, but can payment still be reduced?
  12. Thanks for the replies. As far as I know, only one loan has insurance and that is the unsecured loan with N Rock for £9000. I will have to dig out relevant info to be sure tho. As far as the CCA's - are they what you sign and keep a copy of? If so, I am sure I have them for all loans, but I don't seem to have one for the original NRock credit card (we have had it 10 years or so) and now it is run by Co-operative - but we have preferential interst rate because we still have mortgage with NRock. do they charge for requesting them? Re. the overdrafts we have not had any charges in the la
  13. Hi, My hubby has just found out he is being made redundant in about 5 or 6 weeks after 19 years with the company (his department is closing and his job will be done in India). He will do all he can to get another job, but he works in newspaper industry and the operating system he uses is not used elsewhere, so he is not qualified for anything else. We have some serious debts including £12,000 credit card (originally northern rock now co-operative) - they just kept upping credit limit over last 10 years and it got harder to pay anything but minimum payment. We also have two unsecured l
  14. Hi, thanks - that's what I thought I should do - I mean how can they take me to court when I am not the person they are after. I find it strange that this has come out of the blue though ..... why? The account was an actual account with Orange but not in the name they are addressing the cards too, and it is no longer an active account anyway (it was a contract mobile account btw). I mean if someone of that name had lived here before myself and the previous owner why wait 12 years to ask for payment. Bizarre!
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