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  1. well, i have given my bank 14daysd to respond to me in full, so heres hoping they give me a claim form, or i will really kick up a stick about that issue, we werent even aware of wedding insuracne until this all happened, silly i know but no one mentioned it etc?! yeah i may go to the CAB and see if they can help me still? and i can write a letter to brompton..infact i will and make it for the directors attention .. like you said cant hurt.. yeah im not holding my breath but i guess im a lil raw about idea of this...person.. breathing a sigh of relief as they legally steal money and no one wil
  2. Hi A-B,First wana say thanks for your help very appreciated, yes ive heard they can do this time and time again.. ltd apparnelty means limit the damage lol..... yeah my money really did go to brompton my bank statment says so in black and white, yet i paid this white hall hotel which was not owned by them (bropmpton) at any point, what would be my best bet? letter demanding my money back??? Yes my amazing and very resourseful future wife has been on the case like bridezilla. getting quotes, cutting deals and dragging me along to view a ton of venues, and i think weve got one..(phew)
  3. Hi guys, ill make this brief ( makes for less boring read) and try and make this non confusing.. as much as i can..Ok.. basically.. we book hotel/venue for wedding last year for this august.. hotel was owner then buy "brooks Hotels"..this hotel along with a few others (ive now found out) were then sold off to a sister company (same director) called "albermarle Hotels No.2"Albermarle on the 3rd of may went under..thats it Folks shows over.. wedding dead..thank you ****ing very much!!..heres the crazy bit that ****ing me off.. money was paid to the hotel (White hall in broxted Essex)the recepit
  4. ok I i wont jabber on with an essay about how i spent 23 mins in a Que.. so the basics.... Me and Barclays fall out.. i ask barclays to close account months and months and months ago.. I get no more statments so assume account closed( is actually Frozen at £0)... on my credit file score (from experiam) is at 900 yet credit cards are not allowing me to move to 0% balance transfers.. so i try expedium.. and find out account NOT closed but frozen and probably route cause of credit problem.. few days ago i recieve a statment saying £0... so if i close this accout (which im going to), can I demand
  5. so basicly according to my research.. if your not prepared to gamble it at court with evidence they kinda lied but kinda threw it in your face their charges were for just money making..you have to pay up... thats bleak... I was really hoping this could be sorted outside of court..
  6. Hi guys, sorry to flog a dead horse but this is a lil odd now.. ive heard nothing from barclays since the court case... and it tbh the issue popped out of my head then the other day i tried to change my credit card, and after 2 attempt with 2 companies i was being declined... now this is not a massive deal but still it makes me wonder if this issue with barclays has something to do with it, the account is not closed as such, i have moved to another account and the last i heard was the "amount due " to barclays was frozen... to still im scared to contact then n say hi remember me.. now inc
  7. Ok all well my 4 weeks is now up not heard anything so far from the evil ones etc so i guess im in the Que but not been served yet and it lookts like no one has a clue over how to approach this now?? so as a complete laymen with the fin-acne industry what should i do now write a nice letter? im not in finacial hardship never missed mortgage payment etc so I dont thing the FOS will relaly help me, and im not gonna get my money back.. sop how do i get barclays to atleast write off the debt n just drop this?!! haha if that is possible?? (remember in the laymens terms so all others like my self ma
  8. Ok got my nice new letter yesterday from barclays, saying what i thought it would say... basicly we won you lost! now pay up what ya owe..... now what i wana know if anyone know's, what to do now? if i cant claim back the charges can I atleast try and get them written off and close the account? ive heard that the ombudsman may still take the case too? DM
  9. haha nooooo my girlfriend would maybe just call it "my weird logic".
  10. Hi bookie! I was suggested by Slick132 to have a goosey gander at your little war going on, i have had a read through, wow your inthe same boat as me, but may I ask how to you keep the pressure on the banks for your charges to be refunded etc? is it just the same letter sent repeatedly? or some other method? Im sure im not the only person who will benefit from your take on how to play the banks at their own game... DM
  11. haha its kind of a metaphor plus it catches peoples eyes. the train didnt stop was my way of explaining that these banks dont stop for people anymore that they arent a public service jsut a company that stores n collects money like a train gobbling up track as it powers on.. lol if that makes any sence? DM
  12. haha yeah I did i may leave a post on his trail n compare tactics. Thanks
  13. Slick132 What would you suggest? send another letter demanding the charges be dropped or demand the acound be suspended till the test case has come to an end? DM
  14. OK ladies and gentlemen I have been given a response from Barclays Customs relations, hand signed and very strange... Dear Mr... lets say DM Iam sorry that you have had to contact us about a letter recieved from Chelmer collections whilst your account is in dispute. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to do so. I have now completed my investigation and so can provide you with our full responce. Please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvinence we have caused you, unfortunartely aqt the time the letter was sent we were unaware you had an ongoing complaint regardi
  15. Even if they say this is my final demand? sorry im trying to be cool about this but when you get letters saying in big red letters FINAL WARNING: LEGAL ACTION, and that unless i py within 10days i may recieve a court summons, as i have not complied with there termination notice lol they wanted my bank cards n cheque book but i havent handed them in... should I? DM :-|
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