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  1. Also would someone let me know if I have to pay costs, if I loose the case? Thanks for your help, George
  2. Hello All, I was called by the retailer today and they offerred me a rebate on the motherboard reducing 50£ . I have a query here - I wish to get an entire repayment of the amount of money I paid for the laptop in return for giving the laptop back to the retailer. 1) Would the judge issue a judgement that I get a full refund of the price I paid 2) Would the retailer offering me a further reduced amount for repair affect my claim in any way? (Only becuase I wish to have nothing to do with them and I dont want the laptop repaired by them only to break down again). 3)The retailer h
  3. Hi, Thanks a lot for the reply. Also, do I need to get an independent verification from a 3rd party to re-verify that the laptop's motherboard is faulty. Would I be able to claim damages for the inconvinence caused to me due to this laptop not working for 4 months in the 27 months I owned this product - specifically my wife used this laptop to talk to her parents daily and now she hasnt been able to talk to them over the last 2.5 months - any ideas? I specifically ask this because, the retailer is aware of the SOGA and has lost county court cases for non working laptop motherboar
  4. Hello All, I bought a laptop from a retailer for £500 2 years ago. In the very first week it had issues with the cooler fan making sounds and I went back to the store to return it. I was told to pay a stocking charge - I disgareed and the manager assured me that it would replaced if an issue did occur. I had also paid £120 for a 2 year extended warranty.( on top of the acer warranty i,e; the total warranty would be 2 years anyways). In the 2 year warranty period the laptop was fixed twice for overheating issues - once by Acer (when in fact it was supposed to be fixed by the retailer). A
  5. Hello All, I wish to write to a newspaper editor regarding a laptop a high street retailer sold to me 2 years ago, including an extended warranty for 2 years. Long story short, the laptop sufferred from overheating issues and was returned back for service twice within 2 years. 3 weeks after the extended warranty expired, the laptop failed completely and obviously the retailer needed money to get it fixed. I quoted the sales of goods act stating it should be of good quality for considerable period of time(5-6 years as per consumer direct). Anyways, they said they wanted 130£ to fix this
  6. My insurers refuse to talk to me, they have asked me to talk to my broker, who seem to be lying
  7. Hello All, I have a insurance policy with KGM motors, through a broker called InsureYourMotor.com. I recently changed my car and asked them(InsureYorMotor) to change my insurance to reflect this car - which was done last month(they took 158£ for this adjustment). I have the cover note from Insure Your motor . The 27th of last month, I called them and asked how much it would cost to add commuting to the insurance. They said the cost would be the same - I asked them to verify which car I was insured on and the customer service rep quoted my older car's reg number. Anyways, she s
  8. Hello , If the role your OH is being made redundant and a new bit more senior role is being advertised, she should be considered for that role . As a step of redundancy, she should raise this, the company should interview her and if no one else has applied for the job,take her for that job. The company has to try all possible steps to avert a redundancy. It is also good to get a copy of the job spec of this newly created job and ask the comapny why she is not being considered for it.
  9. Hello, What they have stated is correct. They do not accept anyone else other than a work colleague or a trade union rep
  10. Hello Gordon, You have not mentioned how many employees are being redundant - if there are more than 20 employees being redundant there has to be a consultation period of atleast a month. Now since there are voluntary redundancies, I am thinking that there are no options to redeploy you, usually when redundancies are in small numbers it is a possibilty that the company tries to put you elsewhere - I cant comment where your company possibly stands with redeployment , possibly to the new orgranisation you referred to. I also feel you should not attend the 24th July meeting u
  11. Hi, The letter looks fine. I dont think you should give them 7 days waiting period that is just prolonging the process 3-4 days also might be fine. I also think that the HR lady and all the bosses should be informed or given copies with proof of delivery collected.
  12. Hello , Sorry I forgot to respond to that query. I think there is a confusion which you seem to have between the laws applicable in the UK and the different locations your company operates from. The fact is that once the greivance is raised and the company agrees that the cause of grievance is valid, it needs to effect changes so that the cause of grievance is addressed (changing managers or moving you to a different team etc) - this is irrespective of the fact that the manager you refer to works from the dutch premises or UK premises of the company. If the case goes to court, t
  13. Hi Kurvaface and Azer, The Race Relations Act of 1976 and all other ammendments does not take into account whether discrimination happenned knowingly or unknowingly on the part of the employer - i,e; it is an offence in itself that discrimination did happen. Regarding the situations Azer has brought to light, if the employer is in fact not very straight forward, raising a grievance might be of no help - At the end of the day tribunal action will not provide patch up hurt feelings. Cheers, G. Cheers, G.
  14. Hello there, From the looks of what you mention the company does not seem to care about employees' emotions as much as it cares about employees' productivity. If the HR head personally witnessed the bullying and did not comment, its goes without saying that the company is not going to appreciate the grievance and the endpoint of the grievance might just be that the alleged harassment did not happen or that it was not meant to be harassment. I believe a grievance should be a last resort option before exiting from a company - since 95% of the times, I have heard people passing gri
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