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  1. I recently won an Ebay auction for £0.99 + £5.27 P&P and paid through Paypal. When the item arrived I found that it did not work even though the auction listing described it as being in perfect working condition. I contacted the seller but all he would offer me was a refund of the auction bid price of £0.99 but not the P&P charge of £5.27. I rejected this offer and opened a dispute through the Paypal 'Buyer Protection' service. The seller still refuses to refund the original P&P charges and I have now said I will escalate the dispute to a claim. This should result in Paypal refunding me the whole amount I originally paid the seller including P&P. However Paypal have informed me that they will insist on me returning the faulty item to the seller before they will hand over the refund. They also say that I will have to stand the cost of the return postage + pay for a tracking service which can be viewed on line showing a receipt signature. If I return the faulty item to the seller I will be £5.27 out of pocket through no fault of my own. By what rights do Paypal have the authority to make an innocent buyer of faulty goods pay for the return of those goods to the seller. Jan
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