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  1. IF you are an ex-GMAC RFC customer who had your "mortgage" sold and you REALLY want to get your own back on the Cooperative Bank and MAS No.5, here's a way how! Check your GMAC "terms and Conditions", specifically Clause 5 which states; Oh, who give a !!!! what it says, it's NOT LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE! Goto http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWHC/Ch/2014/2117.html then go to section 86. Section 1 of the Power of Attorney act affirms that in order for PoA to be enforceable it MUST be executed as a separate Deed. GMAC didn't care whether their paperwork was in order or not. They SUP
  2. I plan to making life VERY hard for MAS No.5 join my campaign to take them to the cleaners and give them a taste of their own medicine AND lots more.... PM me is you want in and pass the word round. join EVERY forum you can, post on facebook, twitter, whatEVER social network you can find. I will provide the information, when we have enough members I will organise a meeting somewhere and we will discuss what we will do to them.
  3. When was the LAST time you heard anything about this debt as if it is over 6 years AND you can prove this then simply remind them that it is barred by Statute of Limitation then relax. SORTED. IF on the other hand the business was a Limited company, tell them to go whistle. IF it was a partnership or sole trading / family company, ask them to prove the debt (you need to see the actual accounting). If they can't prove it or say they don't then keep on at them to prove it. Chances are they will give up after a few months. REMEMBER, admit to NOTHING!!!
  4. I WON'T sell the house, I grew up in it so too many memories for me. I'm NOT going to let these parasites get away with this sort of unethical behaviour. Fair enough, they loaned me the money, but that us NO excuse for them to behave the way they do . A short sharps shock is in order. BTW as GMAC RFC sold them my mortgage I technically don't have a contract with MAS No.5 as I never signed anything to that effect. Maybe some mileage could be got out of that approach? I'm willing to contribute to have an expert look at any "contract" they supply.
  5. Reading other threads related to MAS No.5 seems to indicate they are a right bunch of something VERY nasty. I'm in the same boat, ridiculous rate rises obviously in an attempt to force defaults (which would be an illegal activity - not that it would bother MAS No.5 any)!! I was wondering if anyone has made any progress with this matter?
  6. Do what me and my mates did, park there again then wait in hiding until the ****** turns up, we then clamped HIS van with his OWN clamp we had removed the previous day, except WE used high strength military grade chain and same grade lock. One of us kept the pleb busy whilst we applied this. THEN, for good measure we chained him to the manhole cover. As far as we know he's still there. As this happened in an area we were just visiting, it amazes me how quickly after parking we got clamped. These retards must lie in wait somewhere. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw what
  7. MBNA must give all prospective staff an IQ test, if they FAIL they GET the job!!:D If I EVER met anyone of the cretins I've had to deal with so far, I'd be sorely tempted to rearrange a few facial features. I've never come across such a bunch of ignorant, boorish and determined criminals before. Hopefully my complaints to; OFCOM (for telephone harassment) OTELO (for the same) ICO (Breach of DPA) Trading Standards (Breaches of CCA 1974) OFT (as above- suggested their CC license be revoked and breaches of CCA 1974) FO (As above) ASA (Section 46 of the CCA 1974 - False Adver
  8. That was NOT my point. If enough people all got together and complained EN MASSE to say the FSA, FO, OFCOM (yes for misuse of telephones) Banking Standards then something WILL be done. It doesn't matter if the debts are sold on, this is about putting ALL MBNA employees on the dole, where people like them belong. Let's see how they like it when THEY get harassed for being in debt! :mad:. All it takes is a flood of letters ALL about the same thing and action will be taken.
  9. AND the other stuff (again). The thing that REALLY annoys me is that they want to know how much my wife earns and attach the debt to her too! I told Optima legal to shove it where the sun didn't shine on the phone. Another interesting point is S.46 of the CCA 1974. MBNA are in breach as they falsely imply on ALL their CC related documentation that the FSA can help "MBNA is regulated by the FSA" and when I called them and asked, "If I have ANY problems with my CC, as per your literature, you are saying that the FSA WILL help me"? They said a VERY categorical "Yes". This is NOT true. I
  10. Hi again all and thanks for all the info WHOOPS!! VERY silly me I blanked out the boxes BUT forgot it only tags on MY PC, anyone else will be able to see my details. Still ALL of them have changed as I moved and I'm all but "off the grid" due to the nature of the company I work for. My problem is I CAN pay MBNA (and they know it) but I'm waiting on some money coming in in October so have NOTHING until then. I stepped back as MD of the company I work for in January (to save the company money due to trading difficulties) the (independent) CC insurance deemed me as having left of
  11. Hi Steve, WOW 11K+ posts and LOTS of victories! **RESPECT** MANY thanks for dropping in here too to give me some help. MBNA CCA reply. I must admit all the writing looks like mine. OK ignore the annual income, at the time I was adding bonuses which I never got to make the numbers look better. In the letter they sent me from Optima legal, they threaten they can make me sell my house. I've heard this is only in EXTREME cases and they must be able to convince the judge that they feel they have NO chance of ever getting their money back any other way, so my offers at the bottom of the le
  12. Hi Capricorn1601 and thanks for your reply. Sadly yes they did and I had it checked by a company called CreditClear and they said it was enforceable, BUT...... I've seen reference to companies like this charging a fee of £295 which sits in their account for 6 or so months after which they simply return it with a "Sorry sucker, thanks for the loan, your CCA cannot be challenged" letter. Just imagine if 10000 people did this, the interest on that amount for 6 months would make a very nice income. **[problem] ALERT** . I 'm in the wrong job, I should be a dishonest person,it's more pr
  13. Hi all, my first post so please bear with me. This has been going on sine January, or thereabouts and MBNA are telling me that there is no dispute. So, how does this read to you? MBNA Europe Bank Limited Customer Advocate Office Chester Business Park Chester CH4 9FB WITHOUT PREJUDICE READ VERY CAREFULLY Re. MBNA Platinum Card No. XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Sirs, Referring your to my many previous letters, all of which seem to have been answered (if at all) in a
  14. And he's about as much use as an ashtray on a motorcycle!
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