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  1. Thanks, but I think I will be a bit quieter for now. unless anything interesting develops.
  2. I am sorry for not explaining this correctly, OK I knew when I was starting to get to the point of no return, way back, that was when we did the transfer, no creditors were even aware that I was in trouble, only I knew, so no one was persueing me I had a 1st class credit rating, so as always stay one or more steps ahead of the crowd, I sincerley hope I have not misled any one into false hopes, I was just trying to state the facts, but maybe I do not do it too well, If you would like me to modify what I say please tell me, I am on my own admision not good at writing, I am one of those can do an
  3. Perfectly true, that is why before everything came to a head, we had our asset proffesionaly valued, and my wife (through solicitors) payed 50% of the valuation to buy me out, (what I did with the money is my business) but it is not a matter of record, so you need to be on the ball all of the time, best regards to all.
  4. I had a call from a guy representing Barclaycard some 18 months ago, all was fine at first, but he was getting too persistent and I told him to leave and that he was on private ground and had no right to be here, he disagreed and said that he would "set the bailiffs on me" that finished it for me, I thumped the roof of his car (dent) and instructed him to leave now, he could see I was real mad and he left still shouting threats, trouble was he was trying to leave, but as he had com into a locked compound on the back of a legitimate visitor, the visitor had now left and locked the gate behind h
  5. I think I should point out that while I said "I had transfered everything into my wifes name" that statement was just a short way of indicating my circumstances, in fact I only had one asset, jointly owned by myself and my wife, and I sold my half to my wife for 50% of the full market value, some two years plus ago, so I do not think the above statement applies in my case.
  6. OK just a simple update really, most activity has now ebbed away I get the occasional letter from odd DCA's and odd solicitors threatening court action, my response now is "take me to court or FO" I usually do not hear back from them, some do but they go in the bin and then it dies, I simply transfered everything into my wifes name a while ago and so now they can all go stuff themselves, you have to be strong in the early days, as they tell you all sorts of rubbish, and you could believe it if you do not think about it carefully, now if I get the occasional phone call I just give them verbal e
  7. Hi I have been getting letters from them for over 6 months, most say pay within 7 days or we will recommend to our clients that they take court action, they all go in the bin, empty threats, do not bother me at all, not as though it is a lot of money £16K. Cheers everyone.
  8. I am trying to digest all of the Judge's comments and find some hard to get to grips with regarding their worth, he seems to me to be to be just using legal jargon to make holes in the 1974 act, I personally am not too bothered about his remarks, yes I am into the banks for a 5 figure sum, but this case will have little or no effect on my situation, nice to see everybody on here putting their bit in, Regards Rick
  9. Thanks for all your replies, I am in a fortunate position, in that I am not interested at all in my credit rating nor ever will be, so the only thing that they are threatening me with is not important to me at all. Rick
  10. Hi katpuss, thanks for your reply, yes I know they are up a gum tree, the debt is credit card taken out too many years ago to remember, so they will not have the required records, tough, that is what the law states, no CCA no enforcement the fact that they are still "asking for payment please" is inefectuall.
  11. Hi folks new to posting, but been reading your threads, most help full, I have had a run in with RBS, applied for CCA they send copy of agreement stating that they did not need to supply a copy with my signature on it, I wrote back and told them that if they wanted to take me to court then they need docs with MY SIGNATURE, eventually they wrote back (last week) stating that they cannot enforce the agreement in court but would I pay it anyway, Ho Ho Ho, just thought you people out there would be happy to read this.
  12. The banks do not have the authority to see your personal financial details, only the courts and maybe HMRC have that ability, write and tell them you can only afford so much, and that is all they are entitled to, if the do not agree they have the option of taking you to court but if you really can only afford that amount then the courts can do nothing anyway on a non ptiority debt.
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