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  1. They were probably testing the lady to see if she could make it to the room without her wheelchair. Devious barstewards
  2. I notice that some of the terms are off the page, but I reckon I'm probably being a bit pedantic to whine about that, aren't I?
  3. What effect do the site staff and regulars imagine that the OFT guidance (http://oft.gov.uk/shared_oft/consultations/OFT1175con.pdf) following Carey vs HSBC will have on the way we deal with creditors and probably more importantly the way they'll deal with us?
  4. The application form is legible but the terms are fairly faded, but I don't have good eyesight so to a person with an average prescription they would peobably be able to make out the script. Let's wait and see if anyone else comes by and offers their opinion. Thanks Senior
  5. Try this link and see if you get what I see. Billy Private :: Debenhams CCA picture by makembill - Photobucket
  6. I'm sorry too DG, I uploaded them to my managed files and attched them via the paperclip. Any ideas why they're not opening? Thought I'd cracked it. Can anyone else open them or tell this plonker what he's doing wrong? Cheers MB
  7. I think I sussed out how to attach these docs now. Hope they're legible. They aren't the best photocopys you've ever seen. CCA Debenhams.doc CCA Debenhams Terms.doc I am expecting a letter any day from CLF restarting the county court action so any advice will be well received. I did set out a defence online stating that they hadn't adhered to a previous request for a CCA and I was applying again following the action. They agreed to wait until I had received the CCA before pursuing their action.
  8. That's quite obviously a wee bit small. Seems I need a bit more advice on how to post a good sized image for you guys to read. The credit agreement was taken out in September 2002 and has been paid at a rate of £4 a month until recently.
  9. Hope this works, I'm trying to attach the CCA from CLF.
  10. My wife has a County Court action against her put in by CLF which I (on my wife's behalf) asked the court to hold while I attempted to get a copy of the CCA from them. CLF (and their solicitors HC&Co) agreed to hold the action while they processed my request. They have now sent me the original document that was completed in store at Debenhams, which in essence is an application form. It states; Thank you for taking the time to apply for an Account Card. It then goes onto the next section, headed; Credit Agreement Regulated By The Consumer Credit Act 1974 By this agreement made b
  11. We may well have had a default notice a long time back but that would be before they got Moorcroft on the case. I am just waiting a couple of more days befor seending them the "Dispute" letter as that will officially be their twelve plus two. Once Ihave done this I am going to be sending out CCA's to every creditor apart from two in possesion of CCJ's. See the fur fly then, eh?
  12. This is a link to a current thread on this DCA which might be interesting to you. Shows the things they do and how to deal with them. I'm not sure how to put proper internal links on here so just copied and pasted from my browser. I'm sure there are many others but this is a current thread that I started after having bother from Morescum. The help I received has been great...thanks guys!! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/debt-collection-industry/243486-moorcroft-letters-all-lies-2.html
  13. I'm dealing with them now. I have just had a letter back saying that they don't have the CCA from the original owner. They are going to be getting an "In dispute" very soon.
  14. Thanks also to you David. They could have kept the quid and donated it to their special needs staff.
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