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  1. Hi all, I have not posted for a while I hope everyone is well. Its great to see that tt40049 you have a great attitude around fives and that you have come to see how it should be used. Not a script of the same questions, but to assertain the customers needs and to provide great solutions/ great experiences. I totally agree with what you and BSC have said on here.
  2. Is this the same situation with all members of staff? Have you told the management there about your experiences and you dont feel like the staff within the branch are trained to the level of expertise that you require etc? Have you found this with older or more experienced members of staff aswell, can i ask is the store a Currys.Digital highstreet store or is it a Currys store on a retail park etc? Regards,
  3. Well this should not be there are plenty of opertunties within the group for traning via the PLC (product learning centre) which is very easy to use, and also via product roadshows where the staff are sent on traning courses and they get to experience products before there release etc. Sounds like the store you are visting has got some traning issues, have you been to different members of staff? Have you had any older/more experience members of staff and have you always found the same problem etc?
  4. Hello sir and thank you, Yes I do agree that within the company there are quite a few members of staff that do not like using fives and are not comfortable with the 5ives selling model. This can be due to many factors, some members of staff that have been in the company for a long time, believe that they have been around for some time doing a good job and why should they start using fives now? Other members of staff I believe feel under pressure that they have to get fives perfect and that they need to get everything word for word, fives is not there like a script, it is to be used as a se
  5. Well reading this was truely shocking. Im sure that you have read my username and will slate my response as "spoken like a true manager" before you even read what I put however here is my honest opinion. 5ives is not about tricking the customer into purchasing anything at all. Its about greeting the customer as they walk in Room 1, if they are happy then reply in a happy mannor, if they are angry then, dont be over the top, who wants an over excited sales person greeting you when your not in a good mood. Next when your talking to a customer, in my store Room 2: What brings you to sto
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