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  1. Hi, i am hoping someone maybe able to advise us? We are renting a house from a letting agent & when we moved in we realised that the gril in the built in oven supplied by the landlord didnt work, or so we thought? I wrote to the letting agent informing them that the grill didnt work? about 4 weeks later an engineer arrived & made me look like a real idiot. Basically obviously being an oven engineer he had full knowledge of the model & managed to make it work? He then informed me that it was a tricky double oven & would inform the letting agent of this.... I am not thick & neither is my husband & we have numerous electrical/mechanical devices around the house? We were not provided with a manual for the oven or any of the appliances within the house & feel really dissapointed by the fact, that the letting agent have forwarded on the bill, with the comment tennents fault due to misuse! Can i fight this as i never asked for an engineer, do we have to guess how to use the oven? Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated:mad:
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