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  1. hi, My brother is a taxi driver and went down a bus lane on 01/03. He received a PCN on the 16/03. Is the a time limit on when the PCN should be submitted to him or is a 15 day period between the alleged offence and receiving the ticket enforceable? tia AF
  2. Jamberson, thanks again for your advice with this. I received a letter today from Wiltshire council and they have cancelled the pcn. cheers AF.
  3. Hi, have constructed letter attached. Any thoughts gratefully appreciated. AF delay.doc
  4. thanks Jamberson. I'll look into writing the courteous letter. My concern is if that isn't accepted and no response is received within the 14days that i'll have to pay the £50, rather than the £25. Are there suggested letters on this site for courtesy? tia AF
  5. Hi all, Parked in a bay which allowed 30mins of free parking in wiltshire this afternoon . Had my 2 kids in toe after school and as a result subsequently we arrived back 9mins over the free period to find a PCN just attached to the windscreen. I spoke to the lady CEO who had just placed it there and asked if there is any leeway for being a few minutes late , she noticed my 2 small kids and said that I could appeal if I was delayed ... PCN is a code 30. The PCN says £50 and it reduces to £25 if paid within 14 days from the offence. Personally I think the charge is excessive for th
  6. An update to all, Following the appeal by the lady in New Brighton regarding lack of CCTV signage and placed an online appeal on the wirral council website. I have successfully appealed it, as they have decided to drop the PCN on this occasion. happy days. Shows what persistence can do
  7. Folks, thought i'd give you an update on this. As the PCN was sent by post I was not willing to travel 200miles to view the CCTV pictures, which I was entitled to see under the DPA /FoI. So I asked for the photos via email (and to delay the payment required time still at the discounted rate.) Now I admit I was in the wrong to park there for 3 - 4minutes but i was interested to see this below where people have successfully appealed via the Traffic Penalty Tribunal : ''An independent tribunal last week ruled that two tickets issued in Victoria Road, New Brighton, were wrong beca
  8. I appreciate that the circumstances have no bearing on the penalty being awarded or not.. If I hadn't felt pressed for time - I didn't want to be late for a funeral I definitely wouldn't have parked there.. So it seems take it on the chin and take the reduced fee of £35 is my only option.. thanks for all your input on this. Archeryfish
  9. I've uploaded the PCN in the following links:- pcn_180609 Pictures, pcn_180609 Images, pcn_180609 Photos, pcn_180609 Videos - Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
  10. Ok my brother has checked out the area for me. He said that there are yellow signs that are envelope size 3" high x 6" wide - yellow rectangle 7am-7pm with a red circle and line through it on lamposts (approx 20-30yds along). Also that someone else has been done, by someone with a mobile CCTV unit, not a fixed camera along the same stretch of road recently- the husband of the owner of a card shop on that street as he waiting to pick his wife up. Now 1) Do the signs have to be a particular size? I DEFINITELY did not see them . 2) The contravention code 01 states 3minutes observation
  11. My brother warned me on exiting the car that there are traffic wardens that occasionally patrol the street in question. I honestly thought he'd be a couple of minutes (2-3) in the bank not 5 minutes. The stupidity on my behalf on reflection is I know that If i had parked around the corner it was free to park there.. I've done a check on the traffic regulations for wirral and there is one that states for the code1 'Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours' 'observation period' 3 minutes 'fine' £70 Do I have any grounds for offering a reduced fee? surely even the 50% r
  12. 2nd page with specified grounds for representations.. (again http: removed so I can post this..) //tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2f0do1v&s=5
  13. check out the 1st page of the pcn.. //tinypic.com/view.php?pic=20zbf5s&s=5 (have had to remove the http bit to get it through the post as a newbie) having trouble scanning in 2nd page :- references the specified grounds if I believe that the penalty charge should not be paid to make representations to wirral borough council. one of which is 'the penalty exceeded the amount applicable in the circumstances in the case' which surely is applicable... cheers Archeryfish
  14. Hi all, I'm after some advice. I was up on the wirral monday and tuesday for a family funeral this week. My brother needed to pay some cash into the bank in bebington village on the way to the funeral so I pulled up on a single yellow line, he got out. I waited 4-5mins in the car and he got back in the car and we went off to the funeral. Anyway I get a PCN through the door today with 3 photos of my car at just after 10am. The contravention is 'Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours (Code 01)' I did not see any signs saying I couldn't park there, my brother has live
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