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  1. Hi all, Not sure where to post this so apologies if wrong. I have an account with Vodafone and use their online billing. On several occasions, including this month their system does not work when I go in to check my onlne bill. So this month I have no idea how much I am paying. This is extremely frustrating when trying to balance my finances. My query is are they actually allowed to just take my money when they haven't told me how much they are taking? I know I can guesstimate the amount but it's not the point as far as I'm concerned. They are meant to provide a service and
  2. LOL He daren't, I've got to drive him to Devon!
  3. Thanks busby That's cool. No change of mind, brother is gutted he can't surf now because of the fracture but I'm still doing my stint He can take the pictures instead.
  4. Thank you for your input It's a block booking so been paying off in instalments. Finished paying last pay day (31st Aug) for booking that starts 5th Oct so that won't count then.
  5. Hi all, hope you can help and sorry if this is in the wrong section, new to this site! I have booked some surfing lessons for next month (in Devon, in the cold but not at my desk so all good :grin:) for me and my brother but he fractured his arm on Sunday so can't do his. They have offered us a credit note to last for the year so we can do them again but we aren't sure we will be back there within that time. Their T&Cs say no refund only credit note but just wanted to check they can do that? I thought they can say that but if we want a refund then they have to offer one. I'm not
  6. Hi all, just thought I would update on this thread in case anyone else ever has same problem. I waited and waited and even sent another reminder letter through to the insurance company saying please respond or I will have to go to the ombudsman. That was back in July and I FINALLY posted off all the paperwork to the ombudsman today. Then when I got home......there was a cheque on my doormat waiting for me for £300 So I won!!! Got a decent value for my car and I'm happy Can you believe it, the day I post the stuff off to complain the cheque turns up lol Lets hope I don'
  7. I'm now waiting on their reply as I'm just shocked they can take money without me knowing this could happen. Maybe I'm naive but I wasn't aware of it at all And plus they seem to be taking money twice, they agree the Glasses guide puts the car at £1750.00 (£1800.00 actually with the lower mileage....) then they reduce it to £1500.00 because of the cars condition (I also don't agree with this as the car was in a condition that matched the Glasses spec) ....then reduce it again because of the cars previous crash?? Anyway, we shall see what happens. Thanks for your input guys
  8. The drunk driver couldn't go far, he wrote off his car as well!! So police took him away. It's his insurance paying for it....which makes me even more annoyed really as it's not as if my insurance company lose anything, it's not their money. The excess was taken off and has been paid back to me, it's the £300 for it being in a crash before that is the issue I'm asking about. I don't understand how they can just take it when the previous crash has nothing to do with this one. The car has been restored and MOT'd and been running as normal for a year and a half and the market value was £
  9. But hadn't they determined how much it was worth with the market value? As far as I've heard when a vehicle is repaired after an accident it has to be put back to the condition it was before hand, monetary and safety wise so in fact it's indemnified from the crash as it's should be as if it never happened. So the £1500 is right and what they should have paid out.
  10. Hi there, I wondered if anyone can help me with a query I have regarding a claim I had. While I was asleep in bed one night, my car was hit by a drunk driver. Simple enough, got a pay out no problem. The issue I have is they valued my T reg Peugeot 306 at £1500, that's fine as well, but they only paid my £1200? Now before I bought the car a year and half earlier it had been written off (cat c) and had be fixed up and sold to me. I knew the history and didn't mind, car still had to pass an MOT and get checked to confirm it had been restored to original state so no danger. M
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