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  1. re-attached in first post hopefully readable now, many thanks
  2. oh sorry didnt realise, ill try to enlarge it if i can find out how
  3. can someone please tell me if these prescribed terms are ok or not Doc1.doc Doc2.doc
  4. could the information commissioner answer this question? maybe worth a try
  5. hi miss muppet and thanks for the reply, i have done so and am awaiting their replys, however i would like to point out that the default amounts include over limit fees and late payment charges and i think i read somewhere that if the default amount included over limit and late payment fees it would be in breach of the data protection act? also can anybody point me in the right direction to a template letter to dispute the default information on the credit files?
  6. hi and thank you for reading my post. i have today found that i have 3 defaults on my credit file, 1 is for a lloydstsb current account wich i am paying back monthly as i had financial problems and also trying to claim unlawfull charges back from (with the banking ombudsman at the moment) this account was never actually defaulted in the first place as i wrote to them to ask if i could pay my overdraft back in small monthly sums which i am doing but they have since closed the account. 2. capital one credit card , again i asked if i could pay small monthly instalments and if they would freeze interest and charges in order for me to get back on track, they would not accept my offer and instead continued to charge and then sold the debt and put a big (d) on my credit file. 3. cahoot loan agreement, i had offered these a monthly payment and it was accepted before my account was defaulted, i have paid constantly but they have also given me a default . 4. greatuniversal home shopping, this one has been on for over a year even though i did do a final settlement (part payment) with them and they have also put settled on my file , none of these have served me with default notices and the fact that i am trying to claim charges back from late payment and overlimit fees from both lloyds tsb and capital one , surely this breaches the data protection act? anyhow i would be very greatfull if someone can point me in the right direction to fight these defaults and to get them removed, any help appreciated
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