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  1. Please do not fret over this. I made myself ill with worry because the way the letter was worded, felt I had already been found guilty. It was all I could think about- I was so anxious, it really was not fair on my children. I feel you will be fine- he pays rent somewhere else and you can prove this, even if it's a statement from his landlord. His bank details are at this address too- all good Just tell them what you have told us about his car tax and old debt letters. This is what has probably triggered an investigation, they are wanting an explanation. Doubtful that it's strong enough
  2. Hi Yes, mine was the same allegation- please take a look through my posts and you will find my thread about it. I received great help here Basically, they tried putting words in my mouth and twisted nearly everything I was saying, but I knew he didn't live with me, so no way was I going to admit that he did. I had been under surveillance (although shown no evidence of this). I admitted that yes my ex stayed over, but he does not live with me and asked them to prove that he does! I pay all my bills/everything, so they were desperate to get an admission out of me as that was the o
  3. Hi, I had one of these interviews that had to be postponed, at no time was my money stopped. Hope it goes well for you.
  4. Hi, I have an appointment at the JC for a WFI. I would like to start a course on psychology and have a career in that field. Would they be able to advise me on courses? Or do they just advise on job vacancies? It's a waste of both mine and JC time if not. I've been to one before- they just offered me a job in Asda on night shift, which is no good as I have a child and no one to help babysit etc. I understand it is compulsory that I attend, so any help would be greatly received.
  5. Hi, would just like to say, please don't worry. My friend received this letter and was understandably worried as they word them so accusingly. All went fine. I have been told that 80,000 odd of these letters have been sent out. I guess our new government are hoping that many single claimants will stop claiming once they have received this letter. As long as bills, banks etc are in your name- then you will be fine I'm sure if you were to do a quick Google, you will find many people in your position. Good luck.
  6. Just another update- incase anyone is going through the same. I received a letter saying that they have closed my case! So all that worry for nothing
  7. Hello, I have just had one of these interviews, they were accusing me of having someone live with me (I am a single parent on IS) which I do not! As you have stated that you are living with someone then my advice to you is definately get a solicitor, They do not care what circumstances you have been through-they just want their money. They will twist words. They asked me leading questions to which I know a solicitor would have butted in on those points- But as I have nothing to hide I answered them. Stay calm and focused (easily said, I know) and answer the questions slowly.
  8. Thanks once again for all replies! (really helped me) Anyway, I had my interview, I decided that I would go alone to see what I was being accused of (as I have nothing to hide)-Yes I was right, They were accusing me of having a live in partner! Said that I had been under surveillance for quite some time and they had seen him arriving after work, I said good so if you have done a proper investigation then you will have seen him leave aswel-to which they didnt answer! They really were trying to put words in my mouth but I answered all questions honestly and they seemed quite gutted th
  9. Thanks very much for your reply. Yes he is on the register at his mums and I could also get bank statements. All they could possibly have is taped evidence of him driving my child to school and some nights parked outside. My worry is that if I admit that he does stay over occasionally then will they still class us as living together? as I have now had the time to research this it seems this is the case, (only family can stay over?) Also who should I take with me as I cannot afford solicitor fees?, and to be honest my local CAB are quite useless- I have been there recently about somet
  10. Hello, I have received a letter from jobcentre plus, just saying that they have had reason to conduct an investigation into my claim of benefit. (I am on income support, housing benefit) it does not state what the allegation is for, although I suspect it is because my ex partner has been staying over some nights recently so some mornings he can take my daughter to school as it is quite far and I do not drive. Im now ill with worry even though I know I have done nothing wrong. Me and my ex have been working through our problems and are hoping to get back together in the future. He l
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