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  1. I've had no reply to the email I sent Welcome. But yesterday I did receive another letter from them - minus the forms and returning envelope this time(even though the letter stated they were enclosed) and there was no reply by date either - they gave me two weeks in the last letter and then they'd close the case. This one was also signed by a different person. I think I'll send them a letter and see what happens. My partner thinks that something was missed when I originally complained and they've realised this cos that's three letters I've had now.
  2. I've had this letter twice now. I received both PPI and a life assurance policy (which was never even properly set up!!) refund earlier this year and like KOP80, I was worried that they'd change their mind if I filled out this questionnaire and say that they'd got it all wrong. I've emailed them about the letter, let's see what they say
  3. Hey, pwg6565. I received that same letter from FOS back in July and then was told in October that I'd have an adjudicator early December. Well, happened quicker than they said. Adjudicator was assigned 17 November and he sent me an offer 25 November. Only I'm still not happy and have been advised here and on another forum to ask for another adjudicator. So, hopefully yours is dealt with quickly and you get a good outcome! All the best
  4. I've just had a look at my report on Experian. I haven't viewed it since May and it was fine back then. Not now it's not, I couldn't believe my eyes! They have now put 8 yellow blobs on my file!! I'm fuming! I get paid 4 weekly and my direct bedit comes out the day I get paid, so in October I actually made two payments. The b******s!! Oh and there's and extra month added on. Sending out a very angry letter tomorrow.
  5. Can you do that? Just a thought. When do FOS ask the company for all their information. Is it when an adjudicator is assigned and then this is part of their job, or before?
  6. Yeah, I'm seriously thinking about going to the FSA. FOS seem to be getting lazy. Welcome shouldn't be allowed to do what they're doing. We don't get away with not paying, yet they get away with tons of stuff! Well, I'm from Scotland so could sort out the kilts lol.
  7. An adjudicator was assigned to my case last week. Received his reply yesterday - very quick. Like the above quote; he agrees with the offer that Welcome gave me. He's "urging" me to accept it. He doesn't see a problem with the way that they settled the first loan with a second when all I wanted to do was lower repayments. He said I agreed to the terms when I signed the agreement. I can't actually remember singing any agreement, just an insurance form stating that I didn't want any. I don't have a copy of the second agreement and never have. No explanation at all about the non-existen
  8. ceebee, I'm also not happy with the figures I've received from Welcome. They told me I also had a rebate when I re-wrote the loan. I have no record of this, I don't even have a copy of the second agreement as at the time I thought I was just arranging to make lower payments, not taking out another loan! My complaint is with the FOS. I received the offer from Welcome in August, but I've told the FOS I don't agree with the amounts. I got a letter in October saying I should have an adjudicator in December.
  9. Got a final response letter from Welcome this morning with an offer. They "don't agree with my assertions, but as a gesture of good will are going to refund my PPI and Familycare policies". I'm assuming the Familycare is the Lifecare24 policy? They haven't said anything about the fact that the insurance companies have said these policies don't exist. And I'm not happy with the amounts they are offering me, it's only half of what I was was expecting. The figures don't match the breakdown that the sales guy gave me. The premiums do, but the interest is wrong. So, I'm going to see what
  10. I've complained to Welcome, but their replies were a joke. So, my complaint is now with the FOS. I think it's a disgrace that they've been doing this. And to how many people?
  11. Everyone with a Welcome loan should do this. I've never actually received any policy documents, just a leaflet. So, I gave both Direct Gropup and Norwich Union/Aviva/whatever they want to be called a call and both say there's no record of me ever having any type of insurance with them. The guy thought maybe I'd changed addresses or my DOB was wrong, but nope, nothing at all. I explained that the policies were done thropugh Welcome and he said to give them a call, see what's happened as yes it should have been with them. I just laughed at this suggestion!! I have been paying for PPI and a
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