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  1. i have been on my appeal today they didnt recend it they said they followed company procdures they had nothing from the customer that gave me 100 pound short as she wouldnt give a statement i asked about my letter of notification to my disaplinery they said we dont send them but on my contract it says they do i also asked about the shop floor workers that cause hudreds of pounds worth of loss of stock each week by not checking dates and they dont get disaplind its only the till staff my whitness was not allowed to talk i also asked why i was allowed to still work on my till after the till shor
  2. hi this is for hitcy1 i went on my appeal today and it was not upheld i asked why my disaplinery was not fully investigaterd he said it was i asked why no evidence from the custermer that gave me 100 pound short he said she woudnt give a statement so now ishall go forward with the company procedures he said company procedures was carried out on my disaplinery so why wasnt it done on the other matter i didnt mention that to him so i will go for it
  3. thanks for your valid advice and i shall do that i must add i was there for 4 years never took a day off and was always there 20 minutes before my start time i was a model worker that is whot all the staff say and customers and they all took me out for a meal last friday thanks alot for your advice
  4. it will have none becuse my mother handerd her notice in last week and as now finished and my sister is ok there but is looking for another job i myself have got another job with one of the customers and i did have 5 more offers from customers so i carnt be all that bad can i
  5. that is not the point the point if anybody dose not carry out company rules the get a verble warning or a disaplinary so they can make rules and not carry them out and get away with it at the end of the day i have lost my job becuse they have not carried out there rules so it shoud work both ways
  6. yes i have had two till sortages in the past 100pound up and 100 pound downi am hadling 30 to 50.000 aday on this occation a customer gave me 100 pound short when i asked her about it she said she would check when she got home there was no statement from her on my disaplinery and they didnt investigate it
  7. i do understand that but like i said it states in the company hand book that no family members are allowed to work on the same work team but they have put 3 of us on the same team why can they make rules and not carry them out to me that is not carrying out company rules
  8. my sister who is a till superviser worked there 1 year before me on a till i have had leagal advice and cab advice and they say it will be classed as unfair dissmissal for them not carrying out company procedures and is unsafe for them to have dissmissed me i was told about the disaplinery and when it would take place but was still allowed to work on my till untll the disaplinery 5 days later i shoul have been suspenderd dont you think?
  9. the thing is i worked there for 4 years and was dismised last week for till shotage after a disaplinery and at the end of the day i should not have been working on a till and i neederd to no for tribunal purpose to fight my case thanks
  10. sorry i am new to this but the thing i need to know is it says in the hand book family members are not allowed to work on the same work team but myself my mother and my sister all work cash tills are they breaking company procedures
  11. thanks for that you see i work on a cash till so does my mother and my sister is our superviser and it is a site so are they breaking company procedure when it states that in the company rules
  12. it states that family members cannot work on the same work team whot does this mean
  13. thanks for that i will let you no the outcome
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