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  1. I have contacted the local council department who issue blue badges.. ..they were able to confirm that the data protection act would apply and they would be unable to provide this information to a third party. They also referred to their parking services who confirmed the same, I am just waiting on a response from the head of the blue badge department. They were very helpful on the phone and called me back within 10 minutes. I have also just received a letter from Devere stating " this blue badge is being used fraudulently and that may constitute a criminal offe
  2. Just a quick update, MBNA offered me a settlement figure of 50% of the outstanding balance
  3. THat is what they appear to have done the exact woerding on the court claim in capitals is THE DEFENDANT WAS DISPLAYING A BLUE BADGE THAT WAS ISSUED TO A MALE OF THE SAME SURNAME WHO HAD DIED IN 2009 I am quite surprised a company such as devere would be given access to information about blue badge holders.......the only was they would have been able to know this information is if this was made available to them through the disabled badge issuers or similar and I intend to find out if this would be classed as a breach of data protection. Ultimately though I want to know the best
  4. Court papers received- I would love some help with a defence I received a letter from devere parking services back in August and I ignored it following advice from this page. The letter stated the vehicle I owned was parked in a disabled bay without displaying correctly a disabled badge. The badge was displayed but overlapping the lil clock and therefore part of the text was unreadable. I did nothing and heard nothing, unfortunately I have now received another similar fine for the same offence. My mum is quite elderly and I am certainly not passing this o
  5. Thank you, Im now perversely curious to find out about the pink pig!! I am also fighting mbna for my partner, recent cca probably enforceable but they are not acting 'fairly' at all and it makes me more determined to fight them.
  6. I have two MBNA cards, despite pointing out their error they are still insisting that my CCA's relate to the wrong cards, surpiringly using the more enforceable of the agreements for the higher balance. Both CCA's have a separate free standing T&C document and only some T&C's on the agreement therefore I am persuing this as only enforceable by court order. I received a letter claiming to be DCA - vantage - chasing late payment for MBNA despite 'account in dispute' letter but nothing further at present. Is there any standard behaviour I should expect from MBNA at this point?
  7. Thanks, your help is greatly appreciated. I may well send a further letter to egg in a few weeks offering a payment of 5% in full and final settlement which I should be able to do with a xmas bonus (hey the kids didnt want presents anyway!!) I am very confident the agreement is unenforceable for all the usual reasons. I think I am developing a warped sense of humour with this, I have adjusted my answerphone message to kick in after two rings and my smallest daughter simply says "hello" pauses about 5 seconds and says you know what to do leave your message (she is 4!)......On my retur
  8. OK what happens next? I have an unenforceable CCA and have pointed this out to egg, Have sent a reasonably detailed letter listing all the reasons why unenforceable. I have also complained about the number of times each day Egg are calling me using the letter from here. They have written and acknowledged my complaint but I have heard nothing further and the calls keep coming. What is my next action, Should I keep writing every month restating my issues with the agreement or just sit back and wait. Also if they ignore my complaint, or continue to call, as they keep quoting that as I
  9. Does anyone have a template for an offer of reduced monthly payment of an enforceable card. Only applied for this card two years ago therefore not worth going down the unenforceable route however despite telling them no income and struggling to afford £95 per month they have increased my monthly payment by over 50% due to interest rate rises and charges. I want to write and offer a reduced payment but they do not want to discuss this on the phone on the basis that an I&E shows no income. Id there a letter I can send to offer a reduced monthly payment ideally freezing interest ( I can try!!
  10. I am NO legal expert but have to ask, have you moved out as you had a better alternative, or would you prefer to stay in the property? If you are on benefits and regardless of financial support you may be getting from your ex, Kensington should agree to swapping you onto an interest only mortgage if you have not already done so, and you should qualify for housing cost which would normally cover the cost of interest only payments even on kensingtons LIBOR linked SVR. This is a far kinder options than uprooting children and yourself, whilst you are already going through a stressful situatio
  11. I will try and get the agreement scanned, however I have looked and there is no mention of either visa or MC- just a tickbox for a WWF card- which is still a WWF card and was taken out at a local show. The other card I have with them from 2003 was a platinum mastercard and they have sent the old agreement with all other documentation relating to this new card, they have cashed BOTH cheques though and both requests were sent in separate envelopes. I did sent cheques but they were not signed by me, banks only do very occasional checks on signatures and providing the cheque is for un
  12. Thanks, managed to get a new thread to work for MBNA and now will be taking on a Santander (COMET PLC) who have confirmed in wiriting they do not appear to have a signed CCA on record!?!?!
  13. I have requested from MBNA copies of my original CCA's for two cards which I hold. They have cashed both cheques sent one for each card. They have responded with one letter confirming enclosed agreement, terms and statements for my MC however the MC was first taken out in 2003 and the Agreement is dated 1998 when I took my first Visa card with them. I have been able to get verbal recorded confirmation of the start date of each card and have written back to query why they have sent me the wrong agreements. Does anyone else have experience of this? I have not yet received any
  14. Thank you, I have to say telling them I will be recording the call seems to get them off the phone pretty quickly but they have been rather persistant in calling. Have sent the letter. I have started a similar process with MBNA who have sent me the CCA for one card stating it relates to another MBNA card I hold, I believe I should be starting a new thread for this but this doesnt seem to be an option..can anyone help? Fishwife
  15. thanks, is there a time limit I have to wait before writing a further chase, they are calling me about 6 times each day chasing payment and one of the call centre agents has confirmed my last letter was received but he couldnt see what the letter was concerning. How long should I wait before chasing and would I just send a further copy of the letter.
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