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  1. yes, Rob dont worry. just send a simple letter of denial without giving any more informations than they already have . Be strong and firm. thats what i did last year and they are off my back for quite few months now.
  2. i wonder if its being spread by one of crossley's gang member. I am sure few in this forum are indirectly working for his intrests
  3. yes i agree with Andydd answer to you that not to panic, stay calm and just send another lod refer to section 16(1) and 20 of CDPA 1988. and deny . ANSWER AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE. No anger and no ping pong match.
  4. I very much hope you dont get it but if you do, then dont ignore it. If you have not done it then answer with simple denial. Dont show anger inyour letter of denial. The less you say the better.
  5. no did i after 2nd lod ( and its quite some time). i wonder what happend to so called forensic evidance? i agree its nothing to do with copyright protection of their client but more to do with making easy money by frightening many innocent people. its sort of black mail.
  6. i suppose any one , random selection , as long as he can generate some revenue out of that he dont care. Even if he can scare 10 % (of people threatened) it bring millions for him and his fellow crooks
  7. according to another forum total 30000 breakdown 25000 of BT and 5000 of kingston communications. i suppose in next round target will be the customers of these companies.
  8. if i were you i wont becuse it could give them the impression that you are easy victim. dont worry too much, if you have not done what they allege why worry. I know its difficult but keep urself calm and cool and in time it will go away
  9. i appreciate mr toms suggestion, but i would concentrate more on my defense. rather than suing ACS . in meantime if i had any more communication i woul d just send them another lod. i know its frustrating for most of us who have not done what is alleged but its waiting game. we know all of his letters are template too and so are the letters of ICO AND SRA and us lot sending template letter is in no way illegal. only think is he does not like the anwser he is getting because as most of us know his game is generating revenue out of threats and bullying a lot of innocent people.so i will not a
  10. i had a reply with same wordings from them back in july except above three lines. i think their investigation will take indefinate time. As i said before and say again most of these regulatory authorities are no more than toothless tigers in my opinion.
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