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  1. Hi I've been self employed CIS for a number of years and know the basics...however I've been offered a contract to which I will be taking hired help on a self employment basis. Question I have is what's the best way to pay him? I get paid from the company who automatically deduct 20% CIS then out of that I will pay my worker, so I have paid tax on his wage? Sorry if I sound a bit daft but like I said know the basics lol. Any advice would be much appreciated TIA
  2. Just wondering if anyone has had these checks..dont want it to get to the 8 weeks then them request more info...
  3. Just that it's normal and nothing to worry about, and will have to wait the 8 weeks?
  4. Hi Apologies in advance if I have posted in the wrong place.. Wondering if anyone could shed some light for me. I'm self employed CIS have been for 5 years, having submitted my self assessment via my accountant 4 weeks ago with no refund or correspondence from HMRC I gave them a call to check progress, to be told I have been selected for a security check that would take another 8 weeks. My credit file shows that an identity check was performed by HMRC 3 weeks ago. Nothing to worry about just dont want it to drag on, anyone had this experience. Thanks saff
  5. Hi It seems that moorcroft has taken the signature leeter seriously now!! Halifax have instructed a company called Iqor to recover! should i sent them the same letter? Can 2 companys try and recover the debt or would moorcroft have sent this back to halifax? confused:confused:
  6. Hi Received yet another letter from Moorcroft home divisions dept saying someone will be calling at my home to discuss repayment!!! as far as im concerned i owe moorcroft nothing!! As stated before Halifax have not even sent me a termination of account letter they have just passed it on to these idiots. Is there any kind of guidlines with credit cards lending as they have lent me half my annual income? What should i put in a letter to moorcroft? i have 2 babies on my own and really dont need them knocking my door quite scary really:(
  7. Hi The letter is from moorcroft pre court division notice of intended litigation Which reads: To prevent the above action please send payment before 17/02/10 imediatly.???? If you do not contact us following receipt of this letter we may have no alternative other than to assume that you are avoiding repayment of this debt. In this situation instructions to our clients solicitors to issue legal action against you may follow. Please note if legal action is necessary your debt may increase as follows: Solicitors costs £80 Court fees for issue of claim form: £85 solicitors costs fo
  8. Sorry received Letter!!! x
  9. Hi I have received a leyyer from Moorcroft today saying they will be taking me to court!! This is the first i have heard back in months. As i was aware my account was in dispute i have had no corrospondence from the Halifax. I have explained my finacial situation over and over again to the Halifax in writing but had no response. I have not received a termination of account letter either. Moorcroft have advised me that apllications for credit cards over the phone no agreement need be signed??? and that charges can be added on while the account is in dispute?? The Halifax have my income as £80
  10. Thank you for your help. I have now got a plan set up reducing my overdraft by £20pm. You are all such nice helpful people and have helped me through a lot so thanks again for all you advice. Saffy x
  11. Hi You are so right about them being rude thats not the word for them!!! I was passed on to them by Natwest as due to being on mat leave i had a big drop in salerly. I offered Triton a resonable offer of payment of £60pm but they declined said they wanted £280!!! I have now received a letter from them saying they are dissapointed with me and will be seeking legal proceedings!! How can they do that when im willing to pay? Absolute idiots!!
  12. Hi no i have not received my agreement i imagine it will be in Newcastle!! That is where the other lady lives! How would i go about reporting them?
  13. I have just stopped answering the phone now. I wonder if these people work on a commission basis?
  14. I have just been sent an agreement from santander formlely mbna, which belongs to someone else!! It had all her details on! Data protection springs to mind.
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