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  1. Thanks guys thats sterling advice, will put that into action if they don't stop soon. much appreciated
  2. hi thanks for the response, this is kind of what i thought but could i be buggering myself up by not responding (credit rating...) if this turns out to be genuine? sorry I know very very little about how this all works, really appreciate the advice
  3. Hi! Need some advice regarding our good friends at robinson way, this all started about a week ago where suddenly i got a message on my answerphone which was seriously non-descript: 'Hello, this is Robinson Way, press 1 to continue' always the same bloke, automated message. Now I thought this was [problem] or something because there is no way that I'm going to answer the phone and then press 1 when an autmated voice asks me to, so i ignored it (I'd never heard of robinson way at that point). A week on and they keep phoning my landline (only my landline??) and leaving the same msg on the answerphone, today they broke their own record and left me 9 messages in one day, awesome. So here's the question, I've been looking at this forum and how much of a pain in the arse these guys are; I have had a serious think about what I owe to whom and I'm convinced that I don't owe anything at all. I have no idea why they are contacting or why they have my number. Strangely they only phone on the landline, not my mobile, and I have received no letters. I have tried searching for anyone else in the same position on this site but couldn't find a similar post (so apologies if this is a repost...) The question... should I contact them to find out why they're chasing me? what should I tell them if I do? I don't want to give them my name or address as I see how they harass people from other posts on this site... Clearly I have a slight niggling feeling that this might be genuine but seriously, I can't see what debt I owe to whom any advice would be graciously received because they are starting to do my head in slightly now (and I haven't even spoken to them yet...) Thanks Mig4
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