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  1. Received an "occupier" letter last week stating that repossession proceedings will be held at the end of the month. Luckily, I already have a house lined up to move into next week. I have contacted the DPS to try to get my deposit back and it seems that I need to get a "single claim" form completed and signed by a solicitor. The DPS lady said it would cost me £5 but when has anything done by a solicitor cost £5? Does anyone have experience with the "single claim" route?
  2. I just received a letter in horrible broken English asking for the rent to be deposited into a bank account. It was signed PP and some squiggle on behalf of the landlady. It also claimed that it was our fault that the repairs hadn't been done due to our "responds". Also "the landlady has tried to get the repairs for the sink at a fordable price she had found, since the agent tap repair quoted a very high price." I am looking at some properties this week and getting out of here by the end of the month if I can.
  3. Very good idea about the proof of posting. I will do that next time. I called the man who contacted me early July and asked him to have the landlady call me. He hadn't heard from her for weeks either. She still hasn't called. I am now actively looking for a new property. The deposit was protected (I have a letter confirming it somewhere). So I should be alright with that, right?
  4. Thanks for the advice so far. The address on my tenancy agreement was c/o of the estate agents who are no longer managing the property. They have supplied me with the address they have on file this week and I have sent a letter by courier. No-one has signed for it thus far which could mean that no-one is at the property. Rent is due tomorrow and no-one has contacted me. Sounds to me that she has truly bolted from her debts and I might be getting the bailiff knock on the door any day now.
  5. Thanks for the number. I might give it a try. An update on the situation. I received a letter from the estate agents about 2 weeks ago stating that they would no longer be managing the property. Previously, they had sent the landlady a letter threatening this because she was not working with them and providing the information we requested. About 2 days before we received the letter, I had a call from some man saying that he would manage the property now. I told him that I didn't know who he was and had received no communication from the landlady that he would be taken over matters. I requested
  6. Thanks for the advice re: money claim online. I feel like a sitting duck to be honest. It's obvious that this property will be repossessed since the landlord has probably left the country to escape her debts. The question is when. I know who the mortgage company is but they won't give me information because of data protection. I have paid full rent until the end of this month but if the landlord does not surface this month, I think I should seriously consider pre-empting this disaster and finding somewhere else to live. How can she take me to court if I leave the tenancy early if no-one can co
  7. Thanks for the advice. I have sent a letter via the estate agents who are "managing" the property. Last week, HMRC came to our door looking for her. The mobile number that I had for the landlord is disconnected and the Estate agents have not been able to get in contact with her for 2 weeks. Apparently, someone called them and said that they would now be handling things on her behalf because she has left the country. However, no one can contact her to verify that she agreed to this!
  8. Further to my last post, a leak started from the sink in the (only) bathroom and the estate agent managing the property had a plumber shut off the water to the sink. He said that a new faucet was needed. That was two weeks ago. We have to brush our teeth in the bathtub. Apparently, when the estate agent provided a quote for getting the work done, the landlord said it was too expensive and she would take care of it herself. And the doors will be fixed in about three weeks which is a lie since the builder told me it would take one week three weeks ago! Obviously, she is waiting for rent (due tod
  9. So I have to put up with the bailiffs etc until I am actually given 2 weeks to leave the property by the mortgage company even though I know that's where it's heading? I assume then I have no rights regarding the repairs etc and I can't even withhold rent until they are done. Essentially I have to pay the landlord on time for a run down property which I could be evicted from with short notice.
  10. Thanks for your reply. Under the landlord's obligations in the tenancy agreement, she is supposed to have the necessary permissions. How come if the landlord breaks a clause of the agreement there is no recourse? And are we supposed to continue to pay her money when she is not going to fix what she promised and despite the fact she withheld information about damage to the property?
  11. I am very glad I found this site. I moved into a property in the middle of May with 6 month AST. From the first day we moved in, we have received several letters plus a visit from a bailiff, trying to get hold of the landlord. She seems to be in debt up to her eyeballs. We have also found out that another property of hers has been auctioned off because she did not keep up payments with her mortgage and did not contact the Mortgage Company to make any arrangements. She simply ignored it. Also, we requested that some windows be repaired before we signed the tenancy, as well as replacing a f
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