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  1. Hello Lee, Apologies for hijacking the thread but I have tried contacting Vodafone via all possible means of contact and so far I was ignored every time. My name is Tom I have a few serious, ongoing issues with Vodafone which still remain unresolved. One from as far as February 2014, when Vodafone damaged my handset via their remote desktop assistance and forced me into a new contract after denying I was entitled to replacement handset (although my handset was insured with Vodafone) And a more recent one with regards to my unusually high
  2. Thank you BankFodder, I have been suffering from severe depression during the time I made that call and haven't recorded it, didn't take the name neither, I was just extremely upset and wanted it to be all over. Oh well, thanks again for all the advice but I am not letting them get away with it and if it takes exposing them to media I won't hesitate to do so. They need to learn to respect their customers. It's not acceptable that the bank can ruin someone's life for a few years and simply say 'oooops sorry! It was a mistake.' I'm not having it. Simply speaking, they thoug
  3. Thank you for your input BankFodder, It certainly did cause a severe distress as having been asked to pay back £10,000 which I have never actually received or applied for has put me under lot of stress. I will send the SAR to them and await for their reply. Thank you for this advice. Wouldn't the fact that my credit score has been reduced to the lowest possible, be enough to prove that it has put me off from even applying for a mortgage (which I have asked for previously, not officially in writing but during a chat) or any other loan? This is pretty much self explanatory and any
  4. Hey citizenB, Thank you again for your kind interest and replies. Just to confirm that the account is indeed in default. I have asked Experian to contact the bank on my behalf last year, which they kindly did. They provided me with a direct telephone number for the bank. I have spoken to the people in the bank and explained them the situation, pointing out that it is their mistake but they blatantly refused to listen to my explanations and stated that they categorically expect me to pay the disputed 10k. So as you can see I have tried to sort this out peacefully and gave them t
  5. Thanks guys, The amount is there on my Experian report and the fact that the DCA are asking for it with a letter is a proof enough that the amount is there on my file. I don't think I need to prove any refused loans as the damage with a fake TEN THOUSAND pounds on my account for a few years and it simply is a FRAUD. If any of us did that we would be in jail. I need yo make sure they learn the lesson hard way and compensate this ridiculous mess with a reasonable amount. With regards to the clowns from DCA I have dealt with them before. Thankfully with some priceless help
  6. Hello maroondevo52 Thank you for your message. Yes it shows on my Experian credit record. It's a farce, they messed up my credit score with some virtual loan I have never taken or asked for and into a tune of £10,000! It's just hard to believe. I have spotted this a year ago and asked the bank to remove it but they refused, saying that I owe them that 10k! I still have a big pile of statements I requested before closing my account with them and I am pretty sure that this virtual 10k is shown as in and out on there. Most importantly there was never a loan agreement for 20
  7. Hello kind people! Long story short, it sounds unreal but I assure you it certainly is true. In 2007 I took a loan from a high street bank I originally applied for 7k. Then decided to round the amount up to 10k, which they happily agreed to do and the money was in my account the same day. However, the next day the bank paid another 10k into my account (!) I went to the bank branch where I took the loan from and they simply said it was a mistake and removed the extra 10k. Recently I have received a letter from debt collectors asking for that virtual 10k which I have n
  8. Hello, Thanks for your replies guys. I have a feeling they are not phishing but because their letter has only some random reference number I think I will just ignore it for now and wait a bit for another probably 'very scary' letter Apologies for confusion as their contact number is one of the 0845 numbers. Not a premium number after all then, still not the standard rate though 8) Ignore or write that this is still in dispute with two previous DCA's ?
  9. Hello, Thanks! I am sure it must be the one that originated from triton and passed through Wescot as I don't have any other outstanding ones.
  10. Hi Hardupnotfedup, Thanks for a quick answer. Unfortunately in this case there is only a reference number on their letter, very unclear.
  11. Hi there, First, thank you for all your advice so far! Just received a letter from Fredrickson International Limited containing only some random reference number and a premium rate telephone number to call immediately:rolleyes: In their letter they also say: 'We have made tracing enquiries for confirmation of your current place of residence' which I find a little bit unnecessary and threatening. I can only imagine that this is to do with the account which Triton and lately Wescot couldn't manage any more and that Wescot passed it on to clowns from Fredrickson whi
  12. Hi all, Thanks for all your replies. reallymadwoman, both pages were a photocopies on separate A4 sheets and the outstanding balance is less than £1600. DoubleU, thank you for your reply. I thought I would drop mine here as the name of this post suggests and as other few members did with their replies to CCA's. Thank you for your time. SteveH2508 and MIKE770, thank you for sharing your opinion on this. I was very suspicious when I first got it and I think it all doesn't make too much sense. Thank you guys!
  13. Hi All, I Would be very grateful if anyone could take a minute to see if this is enforceable or share their opinion on this. They are rejecting all my reasonable payment offers demanding that I pay it all at once Enough CCA Copy.pdf CCA2.pdf Thanks and regards, Littlebitlost;-)
  14. Thank you all for reassuring me that they are what they are:D Will send my CCA next week Have a lovely weekend! littlebitlost
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