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  1. Thanks for the response and links. Some interesting reading there. My employer could not really reduce my hours, contractual obligations mean they have to provide 24/7 cover. By reducing my hours they would have to employ more personell so financially they would be no better off. To be honest I am not sure where to take this. I actually enjoy my job but now I am aware that realistically I am working for less than £4.00 per hour does not sit well. Also to consider is the fact that persuing this matter could lead to multiple claims from all other on call staff, possibly ending in serio
  2. I am hoping someone can advise me regarding my salary. I work as an emergency response driver for a private medical transport company. I work 6 x 24 hour shifts on call(total of 144 hrs) followed by 2 rest days(48 hrs). I work from my home address, with a company vehicle parked outside. During my six on call shifts, I must be available to respond to any task given to me (by phone-call) within a certain time. As you can imagine, while on call I am very limited to what activities I can take part in. Due to the nature of my role and the need to respo
  3. Have hunted out my statement of employment and sure enough it states that I was contracted to work 00:00 hours per week. So I guess they got their moneys worth.Thanks for the help on this.
  4. I was employed by a company as an on call driver. My shifts were 3 x 24 hrs on call, 3 x 24 hrs on standby and then 3x 24 hrs on rest. I was paid by the hour but only if I was called out. I was also paid £20 for on call and £10 for standby per 24hr shift. I was required to take a company vehicle home, have a company phone and had to respond to any calls . So for my usual 6 shifts on duty I would receive £ 90.00 plus the amount of hours I had actually been away on a job. Should I have been paid for every hour I was on call/standby. My monthly wage varied between £500 and £1800 depending on the
  5. Right,where to start ?? There was no deposit on the property it was waived.Reason being that the house was quite dirty and there was a lot of rubbish lying around off previous occupants,we agreed to remove the rubbish and clean up the property instead of a deposit. As for the Agent saying they couldnt get in touch with the landlord,I agree with you, they contradicted themselves as they only told us last week that the landlord refused to repair shower again
  6. Okay, thier office is about 2 mins away from my home, so I will try and ask first,if I get no joy that way then I will write a letter and hand it in personally,thanks again
  7. Okay,Thankyou for that,will head into see the agent today
  8. Thanks for that link.I am wondering though is it legal to follow that procedure if I cant get in touch with the Landlord.Only corespondence I can send is to the letting agent.
  9. Yes,we have a certificate,they disconnected the gas fire from the gas supply.
  10. Hello,this is my first post here and hope that someone can advise me what to do. I moved into this property in May 2008,and was given a 6mth tenancy,I pay £450 per mth in rent and there are arrears of £280 which are being paid at £50 per mth.We have had no contact with the Landlord,everything is handled by a letting agent. Since the original tenancy agreement ran out we have not signed or been offered a new one despite requesting it on several occasions.There are several issues of disrepair in the property including a shower cubicle that leaks,a boiler that leaks,holes in the wall tha
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