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  1. Hi Can anyone send me a link to the CCA request letter template . I cannot seem to find it please help
  2. Hi All Thank you for your kind and informative replies. I jst noticed that i did not send them any fee nor kept the record (recorded delivery) of the letter sent to them. Shall I write again enclose a quid and keep the record? I assume so so to make it legal) . Secondly they have mentioned in the letter just thank you for your letter .the information you requested is your balance.figure arrears.figure ineterst rate :34.5% payment protection: no So as i dont have the proof of the posting of letter (CCA Request) shall i write them again with postage proof? please reply
  3. Hi All I requested MBNA for CCA (using template letter from this site) and they send me a letter asking for arrears to settle and provide income /Expenditure details and wrote the information you requested is as follows My current balance : Blah Blah My arrears : Blah Blah Interset Rate :34.9% Payment Protection: No (I have claimed PPI but have not cancelled it they have done it) I requested CCA and they sent the above information Only. Shall I assume they have not got CCA? Please advise next step of action. (the annoying calls every hour has c
  4. Hi Jobmid Thank you for your reply. I am waiting for DCA as i have been told to request CCA from them? Is this true? Any help with this will highly be appreciated. (Have not asked MBNA for CCA yet or shall I ask them ) I am few payments behind and they have threatened me to be handed to DCA.
  5. Hi Laura Ombudsman is an independent body which deals with financial disputes free of charge. This happens to me every month I have barclay account they call it premier account and kept charging me £25 as a fee per month on top of thatthey still keep charging me overdrawn fees and failed direct debits. They would not pay £20 to a direct debit Charge me £35 as soon as my wage Comes in. This routine is been going for years now I earn 250 a week and pay 100 to 200 in fees to bank plus failed payment credit card people charge me £12. I made a top up of £5 on my phone through debit
  6. Hi Laura Yourbank has a valid point but I am not sure wehather you can take it to Financial Ombudsman? I have read Natwest agreement and they say If we can not solve it then you can take it to Ombudsman but Please (lol) dispute with us first. I would give them Ombudsman threat with Extra interest and penalties.
  7. Hi Jobmid That is very great news really. I am sick of their calls and going to ask them to provide me the copy of agreement as they are threatning to pass this to DCA so does the capital one. If they do not have copies then I am laughing????? Any tried and tested method to deal with DCAs will be appreciated???
  8. Hi Laura Did you apply on basis of financial hardship? There is no need to wait for the outcome of test case. For further help check www.moneysavingexpert.co.uk and read the information through about how to claim financial hardship under unfair bank charge discussion.
  9. No it is not the end of line. Keep fighting and they will give in. The banks do and will do anything either in writing and verabally to put you off. If you show weakness once they will never listen to you. Fight for your right if they did not or do not care wheather your child have enough money for his food or not so why should you. Let all us consumers join and keep fighting in a corrupt system where a common person gets prison or CCJS for a tenner and corrupt bankers get pension in millions after Ruining their own institution and the same banks pay them bounties. Where is British justi
  10. Hi If they have not got a true coby of agreement they can not do anything against you. Write them a final letter and offer them either 3p or 4p (yes 3pence or 4pence) to settle the account for once and all. DCAs buy the debit at that price worth offering them 10p (still let them make money of you lol). I amnot being funny my friend but MBNA do not deserve decency . The advice I just wrote above was given to me by one of this site Admin. Keep smiling
  11. Hi Steve Thank you very Much . Yes as for as moral point of this debit is concerned To be perfectly honest with you I probably have paid them twice if not more from the amount I originally borrowd from them. I never have luxrious life on credit cards and used them in emergency (unexpected utility bills or car repairs) these debits are just mounted up (spiral) by their interest rates charges and few late payments. Even if they honestly work out the actual debit and If i still owe them few hundered pounds I am willing to pay them but not the current debit. I have template (from here) aski
  12. Hi steve Sorry I was bit confused or rather over excited. I was actually meant to ask that is it True that unenforceable credit means that it is unlawful and Lender have no right to pursue the payment. I am baffled as there are Companies here In Bham saying that it means I dont have to Pay MBNA a single penny but 10% to Them (companies:eek:) to get my debits wiped off. so That is why. Obviously if i have 10% I would rather pay towards my debits. How true it is and does anyone has got their debits wiped of in this way. Sorry for being pain
  13. Hi steve Thank you for your Kind reply. My MBNA card is i Think 2003/2004 well before 2006. So what it means to me. Please explain briefly. Sorry for being thick lol
  14. Hi All SO you guys are saying that if MBNA fails to provide me the signed (my signature) copy of agreement they are cannot enforce the debit and can not take any legal action against me? At the moment I am bombared with calls from them every hour although contacted payplan for DMP (I was introduced to payplan By MBNA). I have made two voluntarily token payments in a week to MBNA but they still passing it to debit collection agancy? I am diabetic and having sleepless nights . Please help me with the above question have I understood it correctly or have made myself a total Fool. I
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