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  1. Hi Vint Thank you for your help. Could you please direct me to account in dispute letter and what about payments and do i need to send that letter to DCA (there is not any involved yet but sure there will be ) Regards
  2. Hi Shadow Thank you for your guidance. So what is the next step if they dont reply me in 14 days. As you have kindly said account in dispute so what letter i need to send them? really appreciate
  3. Hi Ang Thank you for your help. If they have asked you to wait till 27th that is 34 days. Are not they in default by law as they are bound to provide the required information within 14 days anyone??????????/ they also sent me expenditrue/income form to make arrangement shall i take this option while my deadline (CCA Request 14 days ) expires on 24.07.09. People please advise Thanking you in advance.
  4. Hi The Godmother Thank you for your help. They are just phoning and On other day I have said I am going to record these calls and they hung up. They have sent me expenditure/income form shall i fill in?????// The CCA request has been made to them and deadline is 24.07.09. I have not sent that by recorded delivery but got a receipt of PO and proof of posting with their address on it Is it sufficent?
  5. Hi Dpick Thank you for valuable information. If some DCA Takes over my Debit same rules will apply for them????????/ Capital one has called me 3 times already this morning I simply did not pick the phone as I am at work lol
  6. Thank You so Much cerberusalert and The god mother I am so grateful for your help. At the moment I am waiting For CCA (deadline finishes on 24.07.09) . I have received income/expenditure forms from MBNA and Capital One so they can put me on Arrangment. I was advised here not to bother with that as yet. Yesterday I received 3 calls from Capital one From indian call centre(indians bloody work on sundays too ) I refused to confirm my personal details date of birth etc and told them I have spoken to you in details alreday have made three £10 token payments in one month alone as they keep
  7. Hi Dx Thank you for your reply again. So I should not fill in credit?expenditure form. Based on CCA outcome then i need to wait till 24.07.09. Yes I am truely honest I did not borrow that much and probably have paid them actual amount already. Thank you for your continued guidance am really grateful .
  8. Hi Dx100uk Thank you for your reply. To be honest since i found out this forum and helping people like yourself i have a new leaf of life and looking forforward a great help from you. To be honest My disposable income is negative as well and that is why these debits have gone so high (all Bl***** charges) etc . I have probably paid them twice the actual amount i have borrowed from them cos my miimum payments have been 200to 300 quid a month and my current statemnt from MBNA shows interset alone as £198.86 (34.9%) I just had a call from cap one (6th today) and they aresending me expendi
  9. Hi All I am debit sank person and need help and advice and was advised by senior Forum members to start my won Thread so My Case related advice can be given. First A short back ground I have taken out a credit card about 10 year ago and used it for emergiencies (car Breakdown Unexpected bills etc) as I have always been in low paid jobs. My Bank (Barclays) was also very kind to give me overdraft of 300 then500 and then £920 . Cut the long story short as my income was lower than my necessities (believe me just know the word luxury never had it ) these debits kept mounting late payments
  10. Hi Rhia Thank you for the help I will try Hi Mydogsawestie Please keep us all updated and good luck
  11. Hi Rhia Thank you for your Kind reply .I did try to create my own thread but I dont know how to? I have seen info that there is a button on top left hand corner but I cannot see(find) it. Please help me to do so/ I sent CCA request yesterday so have to wait what they got in store for me. Thank you once again for your Kind reply.
  12. Hi ALL I need your Urgent help. 1. I have sent MBNA and capital one CCA request with one pound PO and obtained proof of posting. 2.MBNA called me yesterday and offer me arrangment on account for £65 a month and all interest and charges will be frozen and If I dont break arrangment there will be no further black marks on Credit File etc The advisor also said if I am on arrangment there will be no claim game either (lol) If i dont take arrangment pay £48 for 6 months and then the account will be sold to DCA and it is up to them what they do to me. I need guidance shal
  13. Hi zara Thank you . I really need some help as I am in debits and want some personal experience from a person who has seen and dealt it (like yourself)
  14. I am so sorry to hear That Zara and also scared as well as i was hoping that my misery will be over. I am more upset now
  15. Thank you so much so the request for CCA s with a quid (lol) be posted tomorrow and i will keep you posted Cheers
  16. Hi Alis Thank you for your kind informative and detailed reply. I dont mind doing it my own (as i dont have fees to pay to these companies) Only reason i would need them if any complication arise so reading to your post I understand that first I obtain CCAs and then ask you people s opinion and then take next step. Where as CAB (Citizen Advice Bureau) is concerned they have national dial number and for last 2 months i could not get an advisor as the advisor works the hours when i am at work )i work 7 days and 3 nights lol) Heard about samaritans but did not know that the may help. I c
  17. Hi Alis To be honest 13 years ago I came to this country and worked 2 jobs and never been unemployed ever but never managed a day i could call my own. I work X mas diwali whatever and struggle to buy necessities even. Simple reaosn every week i am overdrwan and bank keep applying charges and keeps me overdrawn as soon as the wage comes they deduct it .they dont pay DDS and those companies charge me for failed DDS as well. This is like a vicious circle This is going on for a decade , Before knowing this Forum i was loosing faith on humanity and British justice but now I am seeing t
  18. Hi Ang I just saw Watch out, there are Claims Touts about! Watch out, there are Claims Touts about! there are few companies on the site i was contacting everyone for help who askfor £295 to get all sorted has anyone used those? I know doing it on your own will save you money but if i go in trouble with my creditors what i shall do ? Any info on this subject lol
  19. Hi Ang Thank you so much. I am so grateful and what is Subject Access Request? Is it the charges they they have been applying for? I may be rich the interest alone in this month s statment is 198.65 Lol Thank you again
  20. Awww You lucky devil I bet it is warm in theat part of the world. Enjoy your drink lol
  21. Sorry Alis Was that response for me or Ang? If it was for me i did not get it lol
  22. Hi Thank you so much. They called me yesterday and demand payment and while i was on the phone i said to them would you please write off my debits as i am unable to pay> I probably have paid you more than i owed (If you minus 35% interest and charges and fees etc) and now they asked me they will send me income/expenditure form and will like a arrangment long term (12 months) the bare minimum i could pay. If i am being truely honest after expenses against my income i left with negative balance. I am planning to request CCA tomorrow (exactly as you all advised) but scared as well i
  23. Thank you Shadow before i even posted the request again and there was template .......Thank you so much
  24. Hi Shadow Thank you for your reply. I am not sure probably it does not (as letter is at home and i am at work). So if it does not then i need to write them again and keep the postal proof? That is what i gather from your kind reply. Could you please provide me the link or copy of the letter (template) please ? I shall be grateful to you for this kindness. best Regards
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