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  1. Hi again I need to send that to capital one as well what is their address? same as where i sent CCA request?
  2. Hi Coatcum Thanks For valuable advice and am so grateful . Well to be honest My indispensible income is (-) negative figure and if they dont have any legal position to pursue they can K**** my A*** hahah I am only scared if someone falls back on me so badly that i could not cope, If i have sources or could pay them I would but they keep putting negative marks in my credit file, charging me hefty interest late fees still to mount up the debit. I honestly belive that the amount i actually have borrowed from them I already have paid them ages ago (if you minus their stupid charges
  3. Total Rubbish. They are allowed 12 working days + 2 days for postage. They do try it on. Did you send it recorded delivery? Thier time is up tomorrow I send them and obtained the proof of posting and the guy admitted that they have recived it on the 20.07.09. Nest correspondance will be sent by recorded delivery. Thank you so much Vint 1954 I am so greatful. Coatcum thanks a lot for your help too. And does this 1.Number of repayments; 2.Amount of repayments; 3.Frequency and timing of repayments; 4.Dates of repayments; 5.The manner in which any of the above may be det
  4. HI Vint1954 I am about to send them But MBNA called yesterday and they say they are allowed 21 days to respond first they say they have not recived and then they said they received the request on 20th July (I sent on 10th) and MBNA chap said from the date we receive then 21 days and then goes our deadlin expires on 31st July/ (20th July to 31 July =21 days ....MBNA counting ). Cap 1 said they cannot find the account number of mine in their system and i was asked to cntact ASAP. (They sending me statments for last 7 years cannot they find my account number using my address and postco
  5. Hi AA and Coactum Thank you for your replies and continued help and advice . I have my own thread already and I would like to invite you there . The reason i came here because i was not getting visitors on daily basis to respond to me.:-? I have not received a reply to my last post since a week. please visit http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/208922-there-justice-normal-hardworking-2.html#post2308904 Thank you:cool:
  6. Hi All MBNA called me and usualy threats and when i saidto them that i have requested a copy of CCA and you have not sent me first he said we have not received such request. after a while he goes oh here it is. We have 21 days to reply and we have received it on 20th July (capital one has already written to me that they cannot find my account). then he says we will send you the copy on 31 august when deadline expires so (20 th july to 31 July...21 days? ) well then he kept on the debits wouldnt o away and was pushy that i should enter on payment plan etc.he said i am 4 months behind an
  7. Thanks coactum. so what i should do? instead of reminding them and wasting another 3 weeks shall i throw SAR at their head? please advise:-x Crapone said they cannot find any details regarding this account and i am asked by them to contact ASAP. what you reckon about them?
  8. I still get calls from their (Indian) call centres and do not talk to them
  9. Thank you so much coatcum and AA99 I am so grateful. Crapone replied to my CCA saying that they dont have any account number (my account number) with this number in their archive and I need to contact them ASAP letter signed by an account manager . (I have not contacted him yet) what shall I do? is it a champaigne time I did not receive any reply from MBNA 18 days passed since i sent them cca request. what should be my next step? Thanks Gents.
  10. Hi They have not send me CCA request instead they call me 3 times a day and now i dont answer their calls. They also putting marks on \My credit file every week? What should I do at this stage? can you paste subject access template here please.
  11. Can some one put a direct link or copy and paste subject access request here please?
  12. Hi AA99 so you saying i should get SAR request fill it up send it to MBNA and then complain to IC if they (MBNA) dont help. ????????
  13. Hi All Just wondering if anyone write a template letter here for Information Commisioner Office and the address of this office and we all post it to Commsioner wouldnt that be great?
  14. Hi Mike More than likely you will find in this thread plus this thread will provide you a hell of information. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/184041-all-mbna-caggers-fight.html
  15. Hi Shadow You have given me confidence and light and courage to stand on my feet. You deserve appreciation my friend. and what you reckon about below I have received letter from Crapone yesterday It goes. Dear (oh my god) MR.......... Thank you for your request under s78 of CCA1974. I am sorry to inform you that I am unable to find the executed credit agreement under the account number you have provided in our archive system, Please contact me as soon as possible(urgency.???/ ) to idscuss this matter further. account manager Blah Blah Your advice needed please shado
  16. Hi Mike according to the land of law they need to reply 12+2 in 14 working days. However as they are big fish they get away with that but that does put them in S**T though. You will find default letter here in thread especially threads relating to MBNA credit card. I have received letter from Crapone yesterday It goes. Dear (oh my god) MR.......... Thank you for your request under s78 of CCA1974. I am sorry to inform you that I am unable to find the executed credit agreement under the account number you have provided in our archive system, Please contact me as soon as possible(
  17. Hi People Count Me in let us all get united and protest it (even practically) more we are united in numbers against this unjust system more we will be successful. You dont pay £10 and get CCJS these institutions has caused recession turned world upside down interest rate record low in 3 centuries they charging us 34.09% still ? And their bosses getting millions of pounds in pension? their managers enjoying romantic beach holidays in expensive hotels . Who is paying for all this???????????// Us and Only US Let us stop this anarchy and join hands togather to fight a
  18. Hi GSM Well done dont give up I have sent CCA requests to crapone and MBNA and praying every day that the dont send me anything back Only 4 working days to go and then i will default them. I am following shadow s advice and keep a close eye on your case to get guidance. I also have discoverd that if credit companies call you dont confirm the DPA (data Protection Act) details refuse to confirm your date of birth postcode etc and tell them you will only communicate in writing. I am down from 20 calls to zero calls a day (thanks to shadow) keep us posted Mike
  19. Hi All Just 2 days to go since CCA request deadline runs out. I have complete silence from MBNA and Cap 1 no phone calls nothing. is it good or it is silence before storm? Although they are doing my Credit file as I receive alert from Experian every week. They have received token payments and we are in negociation about debits so are they still allowed to paint my credit file? If i am luck to go onto unenforced credit victory stand will they have to remove these from my credit file? Any one please?
  20. Hi Silly GIRL :DAs far as the calls go why not answer them in a foreign language, keep repeating "I do not speak English" or "My grandmother has two wooden legs" and they soon give up. I use Japanese myself... I even swore them in Indian but that did not work. lol I am at work and my phone has tickeld( on a viberate of course at work )me 6 times already Today (4MBNA s 2 Cap1 calls) I dont even bother to pick up now. MBNA even got sheffiled number so if you call that it goes to INdia. They email me yesterday as well but when you reply back to email you get email thrown
  21. Hi Thank you for your help I was advised to start my own thread and I have please visit ttp://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt-issues/208922-there-justice-normal-hardworking.html#post2290011
  22. The God Mother Thank you for your valuable advice I am so grateful for continued guidance and it has made me feel that i am not alone in this fight. Dx You are like a Boxing coach so encouraging and making me feel alive and brave I am so grateful for all of you.
  23. Hi DX Thank you for advsing me this again lol you really are encouraging but as I am not an educated person and English is my 5th language , I do get worried when they right threatning letters , Although I am making token payments to Cap 1 and MBNA but my credit file has changes every week. Thank you
  24. Thank you Vint What actually I meant to ask if they dont send me CCA in or after 14 days and keep demanding payments or pushing for arrangment plans shall i send the account in dispute letter.? that is what i meant to ask or more simply what should i do while i am waiting for CCA ? Thank you
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