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  1. Hi andrew2007 my agreement dates back in year 2003 or 2004? please help
  2. Hi all MBNA keeps emailing me or writing to me about the arrears and threats of collecting debits but they dont even mention or talk about cca request made to them 3 months ago. what should i do?
  3. Hi All Cap 1 send me cca and it does not have my signature infact it is credit afreement (leaflet or brochure) not even a space or column of signature , it looks like they have printed new ccas lol it is just a leaflet of terms and conditions and if you study that you feel 100% guilty and they are correct. it is just a leaflet with no signature (not even signature column) of either party and they are sending SAR later (as they stated). they still mounting up charges and usual threatning letters. PLease advise what should or what i need to do. please help
  4. HI All an update usual threatning letter from MBNA called and spoke to the guy and HE offered arrangment plan of 70 quids a month for upto 10 years with no added charges and interest. told him the account in dispute mentioned CCA and subject access request but to no avail he was much interested in income/expenditure stuff. asked why PPI cancelled by MBNA as i needed it most now, hE SAID DUE TO MISPAYMENTS it has been suspended not cancelled . I said i want help by PPI he said ring them direct told him if it is suspended they would not help etc but no avail. Rang PPI company the
  5. Hi guys please keep us posted. I have noticed that lot of caggers seem giving in. please dont and we all need to fight the injustice and stick together and need to encourage those who are feeling low.
  6. Hi Ang When they call they first ask for name and then confirm details such as date of birt etc, Refuse to confirm details date of birth etc but confirm the name and simply tell them that you will only communicate in writing. See the difference in a week . Save their number in your mobile as thief 1 thief 2 and dont pick up phone the calls will get lesser and lesser but they have auto dialing system which dials the number just ignore them No need to get stressed we all fighting against them you are not alone
  7. Thank you all . You all are great and inspiration and give me courage. would Optima start legal proceedings?
  8. Hi all I have received the leter from Optima Legal threatingning they are acting on behalf of their client (MBNA) and if I donot sort the issue with MBNA they will get a charge order against me. I am advised by them to contact immediately to MBNA and sort the issue ASAP for my convienance they have printed on back of their letter income/expenditure form. They also said no need to contact them (Optima Legal) direct but to contact MBNA. This morning i received a letter of MBNA trying to help and pay the balance (which is half now ) in 3 months etc otherwise legal action etc. Please
  9. Hi All No I have not received any CCA from them. One account manager of crapone wrote me that he could not find my account to provide me CCA. Sent him the photocopy of his letter and the cca request letter. Then the above letter manager (another) says he cannot see such request has been made ever. lol Dont these guys talk to eachother> it is amazing i will send him the copy of the first manager letter where he sates that thank you for your request for CCA under section 78 of CCA..blah And £10 PO of SAR. what you reckon?
  10. Hi Coactum Thank you for your reply. Lol I am agreed. Interestingly enough as i dont answer phone calls they have stopped .I dont know how long for but at the moment it is complete piece. Will keep you upated .
  11. Hi All Update here MBNA has written me letter sayibg if I dont settle arrears they will pass me to DCA .no mention of CCA request NOt a word about account in dispute letter? any thoughts? have they got nothing against me ? what should I do? help pleeeeeeeeeease.
  12. Hi Jet and other nice people I Have received a letter from crapone sayibg they have not received any CCA request (got proof) and they want me to send about £15 cheque so they will send me statements CCA and Subject access. Are they running one step ahead of me???????? (i certainly will not send them cheque because they will copy my signatures lol ) but will send them PO. Most Important of all I am waiting your advice on it. Please get back and guide me . Thanks
  13. Hi I received this by email from MBNA what should I do? Please contact me on 01244 673 052. Alternatively, to enable us to comply with the Data Protection Act, and before we can discuss any personal information over e-mail; we require confirmation that you are happy for us to do so. Upon receipt of a reply to this email consenting to this, we will be able to process your requests both now and in the future. Regards Enda Tully I am planning to Ignore it as I do not talk to them over the phone and they ignoring my CCA request and issing me default letetrs every
  14. Hi I would send them account in dispute letter again in this case or if you have send them already by registeredmail then probably ignore them. But just to see what they do next send them account in dispute letter and copy of this letter .lol keep us posted As i am near enough getting this letter from Woodburn ,
  15. Should I now just write back to MBNA, saying that - As they have failed to supply etc etc, I am now placing the account in dispute - AND holding them in default of their obligations under the relevant act? I would say yes but please wait for some more experienced advice likes of shadow and coatcum in this matter. To me it seems MBNA has not got executed agreement with you and they are using their mean tactics as usual. please wait for further advice here.
  16. Hi That is what I received by email today We are writing to inform you of changes to your credit card account's terms and conditions. Please see the attachment "Important changes to your MBNA credit card terms and conditions" for details of changes to your account. These changes will take effect during October 2009 and will supersede any other information that you might receive from us between now and then. Please read this carefully and keep for your future reference. We will continue to provide you with our free services and benefits, some of these are listed below:
  17. Hi Could anyone help me with this please I drive for living and have been winked by camera few days ago and this is the 2nd time in two years. It means i will have to pay another £60 and receive 3 more points (will be 6 now). Is there anyway that I can pay more fine to avoid points (i know the answer is no but someone might have some information) there are guides on internet etc to avoid fines and points but i dont want to play with the law. can I request DVLA and what would be outcome? Please help.
  18. anyone with crapone mailing address please? I need to send them account in dispute letter. please help as i need it now. thanks chaps
  19. Yes you are absolutely Right. I send them CCA request on 10.07.09. I am planning to send them account in dispute letter tomorrow by recorded mail. When you think is appropriate to send them subject access request? Thank you for your continued help. Really appreciate
  20. I am sending them a letter tomorrow and when i offer them £10 token payment in the past they would ring me every week for payment and said token payment is not monthly you can pay them as many time as you like Asthey breaking the law by not supplying CCA in time and still putting fees and charges on my account i should not care less lol
  21. Thank you so Much for your kind guidance. I will do exactly as you advised. Letter will be posted tomorrow as i couldnt do it this morning because of work. I will keep you posted all the time. Thank you sir
  22. Hi Coactum Thank you so much I am saving your advise which is really helpful. I usually at work dont pick the phone (They still have my old home number which allocated to someone else as I changed it 2 years ago (Feel sorry for the poor sod who got that number) they usually ring me on my mobile) If they find me free on mobile or I want to answer they ask my name I confirm and then refuse to answer postcode dob? etc I refuse to answer (As I am typing to you I receive a text from 0800 number asking me to contact them as soon as possible) At the moment I even refusing token payments arg
  23. Hi Coatcum I am at the stage where you were . I exactly even begged them but they are admant to pass me on to Driscle brothers. What is the situation with you at the moment. Please stay in touch as i need your help to deal with them in future. Best Regards
  24. No worries I read it there as well:D
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