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  1. I m chased by the lowells as well but I m 9 months away from SB , Please guys advise me what shall I do ? They bought the debit from Crap one
  2. Sb is status Barred means a debit older than 6 years can't be pursued
  3. Hi all Lowell has bought one of my old account ( last payment made 5 years ago ) and they are chasing me madly . Please help as I can't afford to pay . I know SB period is I year away still and I have asked them to provide the purchase agreement between them and original creditor but they refused it saying that it is neither necessary for them nor they are bond to do so . What shall I do ? Can a third party ( Lowell ) take me to the court ? Any help please as I can't sleep at nights and stress all day which is ruining my health ( type 2 diabetics ) Please all help I be grateful Thanks
  4. .................................................... Hi all > moorcroft dealing with me on threatning letters and stuff > any help or advise be greatful about this data protection stuff ? santander once sent me a default notice and a notice to someoneone else in Bristol ( i might have this info ) i owe them 1000 personal debit do you think i could threaten them with that to get my debit of 1000 wiped off? only thing is that the charge me 0%interest but i missed few payments and in arrears with them which they keep sending me default notices to put black markers in my file > any help?
  5. Hi ALL : thank you for your continued support and help> I have some updates which i would like to inform you all my friends and seek further advice. Now MBNA and crap1 has stopped me chasing up but couple of DCA s are threatning me court action and costs > one is calld CMC and the other is moorcroft debit recoveries> I also came to know a new fact(WHICH I BADLY NEED TO VERIFY OR CERTIFY BY YOU GUYS )that i have been told by two gents who work for DCAs and personally told me that unless i negotiate nd agree some payment plan with THESE DCAs there is nothing they can do in the court ,,, IS THAT TRUE? the original creditors mbna and Crap1 has stopped bothering me for a year now but these DCAs are doing my heading and threats > HOW FAR THEY CAN CAUSE DAMAGE TO ME IN COURTS? all i need the answer for this. Please Help >>>>and mbna has even sent me a statment (the last so for ) where it shows balance outstanding 00:00 and when i mentioned this to a DCA who is chasing this debit up on their behalf they said i should send them a copy of that as it could be a computer error blah blah. Shall i send them copy? or they want the copy to get more info > i told them i present this copy in court when you will drag me to the court and the guy on the phone said it means nothing as it could be error but he was not so confident when he said that and insisted i send him the copy . what should i do? please advice
  6. Hi All I am passed on by experto to CMC and they offering 50 % off debits or pay what can i afford even a £10 monthly blah blah and also have offered to pay the same amount to MBNA as I make payments ie If i make £10 payment they will make £10 payment If I pay £50 they will pay £50 ( Aww so nice and kind ) for month of dec and jan . or keep continuing payments of £10 and they will review my circumstances evey now and then ,,,,,,,,,,,Experto failed to get me SAR instead they sent me internal call log althouhgh i have made payment for SAR to Experto. Onething i want to know they offered me the option of Bankrupcy ( what is their interest if i go Bankrupt ) Sometimes i feel so stressed with threatning calls and letters that i think i should pay a £10 every month to avoid the stress but then get scared that by doing so i may enter into another contract for life and why i should pay them while i have paid them more than i actually borrowed and these are all their sky high interest charges and late fees . why they dont provide me SAR . I offered experto and others that after studying sar if i still owe them i make payments somwhow at no more than 7 % interest charge etc . what should i do? I need an urgent and safe advise before i committ myself to anything regretable . ( I dont have any property on my name my OH removed my name from home and mortgage papers last year and is the sole owner of the house)] Please advise me what i should do i dont want to make some silly decession or mistake . please please help as you always do .
  7. LB145 could you please pm me as well as i am struggling to find no win no fee solicitor I be grateful
  8. Hi All Experto credite has suuplied me the cca (microcopy) which is ten year old. I admit the form filled with my own writing etc. and it looks genuine but copy. anywy now they chasing me up for 8k but they have not sent me subject access report although they have confirmed that they have received my request and fee. I strongly believe that i have paid them more than i owe to (MBNA) morally and this amount they want is all BS and interest and charges etc. I am diabetic and on a very low income (self employed) Please advise how can i go ahead from here witout SAR. Please advise
  9. Hi All I received a letter from Experto Credite to make a payment on MBNA credit card. I would not go into detail but I am in the same boat as everybody else. No CCa no SAR nothing and refusing that they have any request from me . Anyway I rang experto and the man was not very helpful instead threating and I have told him unless i see anything solid from MBNA i would not discuss the matter further and he said that ok i get that sent to you but once we have done that we will be demanding full payment straightway blah bah. Their letter states that they know where Am I? what I do? and where Am I hiding from them blah blah It is quite scary . please help as i am upset and have no money to pay ........ IVA Bankruptcy and debit managment all beyond me as i am unable to afford any of these. urgent help please
  10. Hi Sunflower and Jet Thnk you for your continued suuort. I am really grateful
  11. Hi Jet I have also tried to copy and paste your letter to fredrickson ,so i can send them as well but it seems coy protected could you please email me through Pm or can give me a link where I can copy and paste it. The above link does not work at all. I shall be grateful to you for this act of kindness. Hussy
  12. Hi Exchange Jet and Laura Thank you so much for your encouraging support . Fredrickson wrote me another letter (by their lawer Brian clarke and co ) asking me to negotiate otherwise they will get discharge order from court etc against the home (the house is in my wife s name though since novermber 2009 ). just for interest even if they have valid cca against me can they take home? Tthank you so much for your support.
  13. Hi All Crapone has got a DCA known as Fredrickeson International and they call themsalves FPC . They have been threatning me action and one of their firm of solicitors have written me a letter stating they will take action against me blah blah I have actually borrwed 3800 from cap 1 over the years and have paid them 5700 by direct debit. Paid 2000 worth of PPI (which I have claimed and they offered 700 refund and i have taken them to Financial Ombudsman service . I also have paid them 1000 in charges and late fees. I still owe them 11000 ???????? anyway now this FPC which is debit agency threating action against the address i live (the house is aint mine anymore it is my wife s name). I rang FPC up today becasue they gave me 48 hour notice to pay up othetwise they gonna start litigation? I rang them up and eventually they offered me Interest freeze ( AT THE MOMENT)17 pound a month direct debit and review now and then to see if i could pay up extra,,,blah blah I asked how long i have to pay she said at this rate it will take 53 years or so. she refused to give me any guaranttee that the interst freeze will stay forever or they would be any additional charges in future, shall i enter into such agreement with them? Are they just harassing me or they have a case against me? I have paid cap 1 more than i borrowed . (I admit the cca sent by cap1 to me is accurate .the form is filled and signed by me and it is genuine ). I told the DCA that if you take legal action against me the court will only order me what can i afford to pay . which may be £2 a month etc.. But the girl said well you dont know nobody knows aht can happen blah blah I am scared shall i be or shall i not be? do they have case and get the home i live? Or they just bluffing? Please all help with your kind advice as i am very upset and feel like killing myself. please tell me shall i say yes to £15.85 or NO I dont want to get into more trouble than I am in now. Please please help,
  14. Hi cerberusalert Thank you for your encouragment. will do. Thanks ever so much.
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