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  1. Thanks for that!!! Where do i find a template for the cca ??
  2. Ive just had a rather upsetting phone call from ge money were ive been formally told off!! I recieved a letter thurs saying I,d missed aug payment and I owed XXX and XXX for my sept payment, failure to pay this would lead to a default notice on my account I set up a standing order straight away, to pay my missed payment, Today i recieved a phone call asking were my pyment is, i explained what i,d done and paymen is on they way et.. She then told me that it didnt matter as a default notice had been placed on my account for failing to pay straight away, I did inform her that I did set up my order straight away, she said it wasnt fast enough! I asked her why send thurs letter if they placed a default on my account by this time she wouldnt let me speal repeatedly interupted me, kept saying mrs XXXX your not listening to me, so i asked her again about thurs letter which she promptly hung up!! Its left me in tears and so angry!!! ive already a year ago files a data request wher i got back missing statements and i didnt have the energy to chase things up, Now im mad and want to claim back.. Can I file another data request and start my process again? Can I also send the template asking them not to phone me?
  3. Hi Well i used a templete from one of reidnets older posts on ppi, i,ll have to dig my copy of letters i used out at work tomorrow. The loan was taken out in 2002 ive just finished my 5 year sentance with them!!! They seem more concerned that what was my problem i,d had ppi cover and i could have claimed if needed, took them 8 weeks to get that reply tho! (sorry at my mums using her pc so my info isnt at hand) will pm you tomorrow hell and thanks xxx
  4. Thanks gary muchly appreciated again!!!! Thank you xx
  5. My case has been stayed and the date for it to be up is weds, (urgent help needed;) ) Ive got to file a new AQ first off do i need to pay again for this??? Second ive included my attempt to settle and the banks goodwill gesture and new draft orders and a letter to say they havent been in touch... Have i missed anything out ? Do i need to send a copy of all this to the bank? I,d really appreciate any help on this.
  6. Hi sorry ive not replied, I did some reading and managed to get my head around the court bundle!!! However the bank havent replied at all to my bundle and there passed there due date now, However i realised that i didnt send the bundle to the banks legal dept just the dept thats been dealing with ny clain should this affect my claim??
  7. Hi took upto mcol and now ive just recieved the court date, its been allocated on the small claims track and ive done my AQ and its now upto submiotting the court bundle ive got till monday to do this, they havent really given me loads of time! cheers delly
  8. Just bumping this up advice anyone?
  9. Hi all just about to submit my court bundle and was just doubly checking i,d got my stuff in order is it printed off here then add my own correspondance and statements and list of charges and number it all, is there anything i need to take out or add in???
  10. Thanks so much michael i really appreciate it panic over!!!
  11. Hi realised that i need to complete the N244 form Any idea on wording other than i *****ed it up and cant claim account fees
  12. Hi im claiming for a friend and we,ve just completed and filled in the court allocation questionnaire stage However ive realised after ive done this that part of the claim is about £40 of account charges that lloyds charge you for having the account can we carry on claiming these if not how do i alter it?? Thanks really appreciate it delly xx
  13. Great to hear one of the few - so far success cases Well done!!!
  14. Looks like i,ll have to give it up as a bad job as i dont have that insurance for a laptop. Thanks tho.
  15. Can any help with warrenties.... I bought a laptop thru my employer the local council on a pay £20 a month scheme which was a government scheme wanting people to have pc`s in there home. I was verbally told my laptop would be covered for all repairs etc.. Anyway my screen came away from its key board and the hinge broke, my boyf who is an IT technician said that the hinge had jammed, anyway fujitsu said that if it had been dropped it would cost me £95 plus what it had cost to be repaired I insisted that i had def not dropped it, today i get a phone call from fujitsu to say there engineer had said it had been dropped and listed loads of stuff that had been apparently wrong with it, i ended up in tears because i said i couldnt afford to pay what they were asking also its not been dropped!! I again i said how could i drop it and just damage one hinge. The guy is emailling the engineer again and and will let me know the outcome in due course. Just wondered where i stood or do they have me to ransom??
  16. Thanks ian Its great to see you getting famous or infamous been on the telly and telling the banks what for! thank you !
  17. Hi all finally back on the ppi track Ive finally again got my halifax loan statements etc.. 2 questions.... Ive got a cover sheet telling me my loan amount and ppi plus ppi interest can i just use this to claim back my interest or do i need to go down the 8% line?? My 2nd Ive also been charged about £100 in my loan time for late payments can i claim this back together or is it better to be seperate as not to confuse the bank?? Thanks xx
  18. Hi im supporting a frien to claim her bank charges from lloyds and shes got her AQ today is this becoming increasingly common orhave i done anything wrong?(i have successfully claimed all my charges back) Thanks delly
  19. Sorry i cant help much here but was it done over the phone? did they record it??? Surely if its not cancellable then the ppi is a condition of the loan ??? maybe someone else can help??
  20. Hi all Im doing barclays for my mum and come to a bit of a stand still and need some advice.... They have just filed a defence against my claim, Is this normal for barclays and what generally happens next with them ??? (one very worried daughter) Thanks delly xx
  21. Just hope im as successful as you, you should be king of the ppi refund gang!!!
  22. Hi marcell Dont know if its any help but if your sure your paying ppi, then you can write and give them a months notice to cancel and see what they say???
  23. Just an update to my case, ive not been about due to flu!! Im still waiting for A and L to put my loan at the rate without ppi (as a gesture of good will) Then once its sorted which should be this week, Im going to ask for there final response then its off to court we go.....
  24. Just got most of my ge statements altho theres several months missing (seems to be same months as others on the site) anyway my question is can i claim my charges back and My mis sold ppi at the same time ?? and really how do i dothis if i can or is it better seperate letters??? Thanks delly xx
  25. Hi just started my laredoute claim
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